How Do I Make Money from Blogging in Nigeria?

In this short and well expository post, you will learn the basics of what a blog is and how to make money from blogging. If you want to make money online actively and passively, whether part-time or full-time, you should pay attention to what you are about to read. Please note: I cannot share all about blogging and making money from blogging in just one post. You should become part of our readers/subscribers to learn more and how you need to do it yourself and make more money.

make money blogging

A blog is just a simple type of website, that is highly organized in a structure that the search engines really love. You can set them up in no time at all by going to a website host that has a simple installation process, such as 1 and 1. Or you can download the latest copy of WordPress and install that.

If a blog is just a website, what makes it so special? Well it is actually a lot more. It includes what is called a content management system, which means that it is very easy for you to quickly add new content to your blog. There is no complicated coding involved, you just type up your content, hit a button and the job is done.

Blogs also typically manage the pages in a highly categorized way. This means that it is easy for visitors to read the latest ‘posts’ and for search engines to keep track of all of the content on the blog. Tools such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds help to make sure that readers can easily keep track of your latest posts, which is really good for keeping up traffic.

Your blog is your own personal tool and you can therefore write about anything. However, the most successful blogs do have some sort of theme and a type of writing voice. Writing about anything and swapping between humour and seriousness can really prevent you from having any traffic.

So that is what a blog is, but how do you turn it into a money making machine? Well quite simply you have to offer people something in return for advertising on your blog.


How Do I Make Money from Blogging?

From displaying Cost Per Click adverts (such as Google’s AdSense) to advertising affiliate products (where you are paid a commission for purchases that result from someone clicking a link on your website) there are plenty of methods of turning visitors into cash. Like I stated earlier, this blog contains different ways by which you can make real money online. Take tile to read through and make sure you subscribe to get further updates.

If you have a reasonable PageRank then you can also sell links on your blog to other website owners. From just selling a link to taking part in organized paid to post schemes, there are a whole load of sites making opportunities available to bloggers. You need to have a look at them and see which work best for you.

A blog can be absolutely anything you want within a website. An online blog is just a tool to easily create and manage a website and you can write about anything that you want to.

If you are VERY ready to start blogging and making money from it, you should be glad that I have made a provision for you. I will help you all the way from the start to when you are ready to start doing it on your own. If you really follow what I have written on this blog, they will teach you how you can really make money from blogging in Nigeria. I can guarantee that you would start making money online in the space of three months. The level of income you would be making will start increasing every month. If you need further guidance, you can send me a mail and you’ll be contacted


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