Make Money Online Nigeria is 3! Win $100!

Yes, I am 3! It’s been 3 long years. 3 long years filled with so many things to talk about. It’s been 3 years of fulfilling the aim of preoviding effective tips, resources, tools, teachings, coaching, assistance for people and businesses who desire to make real money online, build online businesses and also create wealth legitimately.

The truth is, it been a long and tough 3 years working to make this blog the Nigeria’s number one place to learn how to make real money online, build online businesses and create wealth – the legal way! This kind of niche is tough to stand on top but we are there already.

Also, it’s been a long and good 3 years of really helping people to do what they haven’t done before and make more money online legitmately. I can’t really count these because I don’t keep a record of this. Maybe you can help by writing in the comment box to inform me what this blog has done for you.

How did this blog started?
In 2010, I made some research about what Nigerians really need online. I used Google Trends and I came across things like health, relationship and money. After the research, I can up with the name “Make Money Online Nigeria” so as to meets the needs. I registered with Web4Africa that same day on June 28, 2010. But the first post on this blog was published on July 19th, 2010.

Fortunately for me, I started this blog few months before the keyword “Make Money Online Nigeria” became so popular in Nigeria. You can see from the Google Trend below


How do you win $100?
It’s simple but it requires your own input before you can with $100 cash or $100 worth of tools (that depends on your choice). This will help you to do what you might not have done before. And this is to your benefit.

You need to do these;

1. – Write a post on your blog (whatever topic you like), then put a linkback to this post notifying your readers that you are taking part in this.

2. – After you publish the post, you will need to come back here and drop the URL of the post. This will help me confirm and also keep an eye on the post.

3. – You can then go ahead and spread the news about the post on your blog. And make sure you get real comments on this post and real shares of the post on your blog

On July 31st 2013, I will reconfirm all the entry posts for this contest/giveaway. The post with the highest number of comments and shares wins the $100. The sole winner will be announced and contacted on August 1st, 2013. Please note, the minimum number of comments+shares for qualification to win is 30. It’s as simple as that. Go ahead and make this work. Please note, you can also ask for more explanation using the comment box if this is not clear to you.

Finally, if this blog as truly done anything for you, I’ll love to read your responses. Don’t worry, you can share all your experiences with this blog, I would approve all of the comments.

Love you! LOL, not in a weird way…

UPDATE: As at today, August 1st, I realized that many people didn’t meet up to the minimum requirement. In order to make this contest more competitive, the contest is still on.


  • chukwuka

    hello bros Ade, never mind if am this late, i still have to shout it loud even if you cant hear me out but at least you can still feel the writing “Happy birthday to Makemoneyonlineng” may God continue to widen the horizon of this Business- i can hear you shout AMEEEEEEN! Once again thanks for this opportunity i’ve been looking for to grow my blog bcos this is a win win case see my link and tell me where am not getting it. pls can you throw light of how and where i will need to shout this out in other for me to get people to comment on my blog. people scantily do comments on it.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Thanks Chukwuka,

      I went through the post and your blog and I observed few things you need to do so you can get people to comment or share the post.

      1. You need to work at increasing the traffic you get to your blog. You can get more tips on
      2. The post is way too long, you can write about the 5 things in five different posts
      3. The post url (permalink) is also too long.

      Work on these

  • ChicBenita

    When my bros introduced me to blogging, MMON was amongst blog list he have ever wanted me to surf on every time I’m having difficultie. Now my reading and staying on this blog wouldn’t fade away like :D and I know my blog readers won’t turn me dow. We are almost there

  • Iamogusbaba

    Wow! Bro,, I can;t stop thanking you for this great opportunity you created for us… Happy Long Life MMON.. Kudos

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  • https://nonefornow michael Ezeagwu

    I am deeply satisfied and honoured to even have a link to ds site..for so many years I have been riddled wt the question of how to make money..THANK you from me and my team

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Thanks to you too Michael.

  • Oluwatobi

    Hello thanks for organizing this Giveaway, here is my link to the post i wrote :

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Thanks Tobi. I like the post. I made a comment on it too. Weldone.

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