How to Make Money Online Using Pinterest

Except that you are not online, you wouldn’t have heard about pinterest. Pinterest has come to stay. In this, you will learn how to use Pinterest for your benefit. You will get to know what Pinterest is and how to make money online using Pinterest.


Why Pinterest Matters

1. Traffic

PinterestYou can start getting massive traffic to your blog/website with the help of pinterest. This is been used already by most blogs/websites. Pinterest has been known to generate traffic to blogs. You can get your own share of traffic by pinning captivating pictures on pinterest boards and adding a link to your blog or a post that has content related to the picture. To start with this, you need to get as many followers as possible. Also, you need to get more people re-pining your pins.

2. Links/Sharing

With the more traffic you get, you also get people linking/sharing to your pin boards or pinterest profile. The rule here is, you must have pictures or videos that people will readily share with others without you requesting them to be shared. You will get links/sharing if you do what you need to do. Be careful not to overdo this.

3. Leads

If you sell stuffs on your blog, pinterest will help you get more leads. There is a pin board that read “Products I Love”. Make sure you add pictures of what you sell and a link to your lead capture page or sales page to the pin board. When people see the products you love, they will want to know more about it. This will get you more leads to what you have to offer because people will want to see/test what you have to offer.

4. Pictures for your Blog posts

I have seen so many captivating pictures on pinterest. This is a good source of cool images for your blog posts. So, next time when you need a picture to express what the words of your post says, go to pinterest to search for a related picture. When you find one, take note of the person you got it from. Make sure you give a credit to the person you got the image from. You should add the person’s pinterest URL when giving credit.


How to Make Money Using Pinterest

Oh yes, you can start making money using pinterest. Here are few ways through which you can make money online using pinterest. Others will be communicated to you as they are discovered. You would need to become a subscriber, follower, fan or friend to get updated when I share more ways through which you can make money using pinterest.

1. Sell your services.

Are you a graphic designer? You can sell your services on pinterest and make money doing so. To do this, you need to develop a pinterest profile that tells people what you do. Coupled with this, you should showcase your creative design ability through the pictures you add to your pinterest board.

One thing you should thing you should note is that, if you pictures are captivating, people will readily use and share it. Most especially, they would use it as the display picture (for those who use blackberry). You would want to inscribe your name and blog url on the pictures so that people can get to contact you when they need your services.

2. Sell your products.

You can sell your products and make money using pinterest. Just like you express yourself with 140 character on Twitter so as to sell your products, you need a good picture or series of good images to sell your products through pinterest. Create a board for your products, keep adding the images of your products, add a links to the sales page and go ahead and grow your follower base. In the long run, you will start making returns.

Succeeding and/or making money on Pinterest is all about finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience. Find your footing on pinterest and do what you need to do, you will start making the best out of pinterest. A note of warning is that, you should do all with moderation. If you over do this, you would be considered a spammer and you will easily get a negative image. Instead of you spammming pinterest, allow other pinterest users to share your pins in multiple places. That would be better.