How to Improve Your Business and Make More Money with Facebook Hashtag

Hashtag should not be a new thing if you have been on social media sites like Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest for some months. Hashtags are simply clickable words preceeded by the # sign. Hashtags allows you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. When you click on a hashtag, you will see various posts in the same category of the hashtag. This has been used effectively on Twitter to support causes, spread news and ofcourse to improve businesses and make more money.

Clicking the hashtag of Facebook will pop out a feed that shows others’ posts that have included the same hashtag. All hashtags on Facebook, even when uploaded to the page via another platform (like Twitter or Instagram), will function as clickable and searchable hashtags. Also, you can use the hashtag anywhere on Facebook whether in a group, Facebook page, comments etc.


So, how do you improve your business and make more money with Facebook hashtag?

Don’t expect to make any sales at first
At the moment of writing this post, only a tiny portion of Facebook users have the hashtag feature. It’s not even on mobile yet. Use this time to really test how people will respond to your business or what you have to offer. Do it for fun while you track people’s response to your marketing hashtag. For example, if you are business is about phones, start using the hashtag like #phones #blackberry #Nokia #Samsung etc in your status updates and see how people respond to it.

Conversation tracking and Competitor spying
Facebook users will be able to search for a specific hashtag from the search bar and compose posts directly from the hashtag feed. The process is quick and easy to follow, making it easy for real-time conversations to move quickly. You’ll now be able to monitor conversations surrounding your niche in real-time, which adds another layer of metrics and numbers to gauge your success. With this, you can track other competitors in your business niche. This would help you learn from what they do and how you can use their ideas to improve your own business so you can make more money.

Content Ideas from Facebook users
The purpose of hashtags is to follow a conversation. Hashtags on Facebook will be useful for user-generated content. With the hashtag, you will be able to know what your Facebook friends and other Facebook users are interested in. If their interest matches with your business, you have found keywords to use for your next business content.

Facebook ad Marketing
Hashtags on Facebook could mean more advert dollars. Facebook says they aren’t yet offering hashtag targeting for Facebook advertising, but I predict that it’s certainly will be made available. Advertising your business with Facebook hashtags will make other Facebook users see your hashtags and your ads, but only the ad hashtags appearing on a desktop news Feed will be functional.

Generate Traffic to Your Business Blog
You can also use the Facebook hashtag to generate massive traffic to your business blog. For example, if I want to generate traffic to this blog, I’ll use #MMONigeria together with #Money #OnlineBusiness #Wealth and then add a catchy title and URL with it. Anyone on Facebook who also uses the hashtag #Money #OnlineBusiness and #Wealth will see my update and they are more likely to visit the URL. You can also use the same thing to drive traffic to your lead capture pages, sales pages etc.

These are the few ways I have found. I’ll write more posts about Facebook Hastag for Business soon. You may need to subscribe to get other effective updates about improving your business and making more money.

And if you have tips to share about this, I’ll be waiting to read your views via the comment box provided further below.


Originally posted 2013-06-14 14:41:05.