5 Easy Steps to Make N50000 on DealDey

DealDey is one of the sites you can make money online from as an affiliate. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to much work to start making money passively from DealDey. You only need to register with DealDey, get your affiliate link, make sure at least 50 people register with dealDey through your affiliate link, and when they make a purchase of anything on DealDey, you get credited with N1,000 each.


Here are the steps to follow to Make N50000 on DealDey

Step 1: Go and register with DealDey and then click on the “invite a friend” tab.

Step 2: EMail your unique link to FIFTY (50) of your friends (be nice. Don’t SPAM, tell them how to make ₦50,000 too).

Step 3: Click “send” and cross your fingers.

Step 4: You get ₦1,000 DealDey credits for each contact who signs up and makes a purchase.

Step 5: When all your friends have signed up and bought something, check your account, you will see the N50,000 DealDey credit

Please note, you can’t withdraw the money you make on DealDey but you can use it to buy discounted products on the same DealDey. Your registeration with DealDey also gives you the opportunity to get daily discounted deals sent your email address. You can get so many things you want for cheap (at a discount), probably resell it to someone that needs it and then make more money. :D

So, go ahead and register with DealDey if you have not, then follow the five easy steps tp make N50000 on DealDey.