Does Making Money Online Really Work?

This is a guest post by Soki Briggs, an entrepreneur, Mozilla Representative and Pro-Blogger.

mainLOGOWhen you tell some people “I Make Money Online” they look at you in a funny way and assume you’re into illegal online activities. In this post, I will attempt to clear the doubts you have about Making Money Online. I will show you from Experience what has worked for me and some other friends.


How Do I Make Money Online?

In the real world situation, to make money, you either get employed (working for others) or you start your own business of buying goods and selling them, or providing a service people want and you get paid for it.

1. Working for Others

The same rules apply to the internet (online). I can decide to employ you to work on my website; create a better logo for me; write a 500 word article about what you like – and you get paid via bank or online payment methods when the work is done.

Some of the hottest website where people visit to get small jobs right now is, etc

2. Buying and Selling

Buying of goods and selling online is really easy depending on the product and your target market. I’ve heard people buy good ebooks with resell rights and sell for a higher price. (Haven’t tried this but you can explore it).

I have personally bought domain names, Software license keys, Subscription packages and sold them at twice the price!!!

3. Blogging

The most popular method of making money online is BLOGGING. This is also referred to as online publishing. Please note, a blog itself does not make you money. It is what you do on the blog that makes you money. Think of it as running a newspaper company – you get the news people want to read about, publish it, and if you reach a large audience then companies will want to come and buy advert spaces in you newspaper.

Online publishing requires a Website/Blog and a very good writing skill amongst other things. Take a quick look at what blogging is really about.

Soki Briggs is an Entrepreneur, Mozilla Representative and Pro-Blogger at https://NgBuzz.

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