How to Measure the Interest of Your Target Market

In the first part of the process of turning small reports into big profit, I showed you how to select a market. That is the first thing you need to know how to do. Really, you need a market to sell to. You need to know those you are targeting before you can do the next process.

TargetMarketAfter you’ve determined what “market” you want to target, it’s simply a matter of finding out what to offer them. If you want to put things into a practical setting, it’s time to get some ideas for what topic you’ll be writing about in your first 7-15 page small reports.

You’ll want to measure the interest of your target market. Identify the current hottest topic of interest. Basically, you need to know;

1. “What do they want?” It all begins and ends with the persons that make up your “market”. What do THEY want? Based on your own history in the market, researching the market or inquiring among existing individuals in the market, it should be easy to determine the wants and needs of the group as a whole.

2. “What is available?” Next up, you want to determine “what is available”. In other words, are there existing resources in place that are being sold to this market that you’ll be directly competing against? What do they offer? What’s good about their offer and what’s not so good?

3. “What can I offer that’s different?” And, thirdly, “what can I offer that’s different?” Is there something missing from existing resources? Something that could be explained better? Are more ideas and examples needed? Is there new information available? Can you package, present or position content in a more user-friendly way? Are their tiny segments that could be broadened?.

By focusing on these three diagnostic questions, you’ll be able to measure the interest of your target market and determine an “in-demand” topic to write about in your first 7-15 page small report.

This might look simple but you’ll need to do them if you really want to make huge profit from selling your small reports. So, you need to measure the interest of your target market and then go on to the next step which is to Author a report.

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