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How to Get One Million Monthly Views on Your Blog without SEO

So you want to be getting at least a million monthly views of your blog? You and I know that this is very possible. But if you don’t believe, there are lots of Nigerian bloggers getting over a million monthly views to their various blogs. This post if for those who gets less monthly views and are ready to increase that to at least one million per month.


Monthly Views here refers to the number of visits your blog gets every month. This means, the number of visits per one visitor’s IP address. Also, in this post, I’m referring to visits as measured by Google Analytics. So, in essence, you will learn from this post how you can start getting a million monthly views as calculated by Google Analytics.

Let’s do some simple mathematics.

The result we want is One Million Monthly views without SEO = 1, 000, 000 views.

To get this result without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then we need SMO (Social Media Optimization). This means our main source of views would be social media sites.

1, 000, 000 views in one month (i.e. 30 days) means we need about 33, 334 (Thirty-three thousand, three-hundred and thirty-four) visits daily

How Do You Get 33, 334 visits daily from Social Media Sites?

1. Write Quality “Shareable” Contents everyday

By quality content, I mean you should start writing blog posts that is useful to people. Write posts that people will be glad to read, apply and share everyday without you naturally begging them to do that. People on social media sites, have other people within their network. These people in their network have almost similar interest. If you can get one of them to share your quality post on their profile, you are sure of getting other people within their social media network to visit your blog and also share the quality content. With this, you will get at least 33,334 visits daily.

2. Get More Readers/Subscribers

Writing quality “shareable” contents will get you more readers but this is dependent on much people read and share your quality content. You also need to depend on yourself to get more readers and subscribers. To get more readers, work on increasing the fans on your blog’s Facebook page, the followers on your Blog’s twitter profile and the number of followers on your Blog’s Google+ page. If you can get at least 20, 000 fans, 20,000 Twitter followers and 20,000 Google plus followers respectively you are sure to get at least one-third of all to visit your blog daily. Also, work on increasing the number of subscribers to your blog’s feed/RSS/email subscription daily. There are online tools to achieve this.

3. Be consistent with Blog Posts Updates

The good thing is, one person can visit your blog multiple times a day and it’ll be counted for you as not one person but multiple visits. To make people keep coming back to your blog daily, you need to give them enough reasons to do that. In addition to the 2 things stated above, you also need to update your blog with useful contents at least once a day. Be consistent of your blog is you want a million monthly views on your blog without SEO.

You need to be committed to doing the three things stated above in this post. Write quality “shareable” contents, get more readers and subscribers and also be consistent with posting useful blog updates. And most importantly, you should measure your progress. You may not get to one million monthly views in one month but you can keep moving closer to it. When you do what I recommend and your blog’s traffic increases, you have a leverage to do more of it and in few months, you’ll be getting at least a million monthly views to your blog without SEO.

And when you start getting at least one million views per month on your blog, the money you make from PPV/PPC ads, affiliate marketing and others will increase. You will get more opportunity for sponsored posts, direct advert placement and reviews on your blog. And also, your blog’s relevance in the blogosphere will increase.


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