Monetize Your Blog with AirMob

Airmob is an independent digital media agency with expertise in digital media strategy planning and buying. Airmob is an advertising aggregator with its own Ad Exchange to trade advertising on a bid basis for advertisers and media independent agencies. You you can simply monetize your blog with Airmob as a publisher. Airmob is established at the backdrop of a digital market that is not only presently fragmented but also at its infancy within West and Central Africa Region (WACAR).


The present practice is for media independent agencies and clients to buy directly from the publishers and content providers. AirMob says they will bring prosperity and order to the otherwise unstructured digital sales market within the region. According to the graph below, 16% of the Mobile Internet users (source: Google) along this region show significant interest in Entertainment and this is the reason we decided to primarily focus on this sector and to create our own private network.


AirMob for Publishers

Whether you want to run ads on your web, mobile site, in your apps, or even if you are carrier, AirMob’s straightforward solution will help you maximise the revenue that you can generate from online advertising.


“We value Publishers extremely highly. Whether you are new or a veteran, we will look after you, pay you the most we can, and pay you on time using EcoBank extensive network. You will be in safe hands… and you will grow with us”. – Airmob

To become a publisher, you would need to sign up today for a free, no obligation account. Once you receive your log in simply follow the steps and you could be serving paying advertising within minutes!

Create an account with AirMob today

Also, you will need the AirMob Publishers Manual which contains the following;

Creating and Managing Inventory
Inventory Concepts
Creating Sites
Editing Sites
Viewing Sites
Monitoring site performance
Deleting sites
Creating ad units
Creating a web ad unit
Creating an email banner ad unit
Creating a linear video ad unit
Creating a nonlinear
video ad unit
Creating a video companion ad unit
Creating a mobile ad unit
Viewing ad units
Monitoring ad unit performance
Deleting ad units
Getting ad tags
Exporting ad tags
Viewing and retrieving an ad tag for a web, email, or mobile web ad unit
Configuring your mobile application to request an ad for an ad unit
Configuring your video player to request an ad for an ad unit
Ad unit groups
Creating ad unit groups
Viewing ad unit groups
Viewing and retrieving the ad tag for a web or mobile web ad unit group
Configuring your video player to request ads for an ad unit group
Tracking user activity for ad unit group
Editing ad unit groups
Deleting ad unit groups
Creating sections
Editing sections
Deleting sections

Download a copy of the AirMob Publishers manual now. It will help you to properly monetize your blog with AirMob.

Have you been using AirMob as a publisher? Let us know your experience with AirMob so far.


Originally posted 2012-11-29 11:15:05.

  • Edikan

    Is airmob a PPC like Google Adsense?

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Yes, it’s a PPC like AdSense