How to Make More Money Creating and Selling Ringtones or Caller Tunes

You might think this is impossible. Believe me, I find it hard to do until I knew how to do it. Also, most things we consider impossible are already been done by someone somewhere. The truth is, I have tried this out and it works. You can start creating ringtones or callertunes and sell it to your friends and families. You can also get the opportunity to sell the ringtones to some GSM networks that if you know your way around that.

I have package the information in a form of eBook which you would need to invest in. You know, good things done come free. There is always a price to pay. The good thing is that what you would be paying is very small compared to what you stand to gain from using the information contained therein.

In the eBook, you will find information and pictures that would easily put you through all you need to do in creating and selling ringtones or caller tunes. It is well explanatory and won’t take you much time or more skills to do. Please note: the packaged information contain explanation on how to create ringtones and how to sell the ringtones. Selling them is easy as meeting someone else’s emotional needs. Once you get people’s emotion interested in the ringtone, you can then easily sell the ringtones to them. The fact is, most people don’t want to keep hearing those monophonic or polyphonic tones. They want to hear real music when their phone rings.

In short, if you are interested in making money through caller tunes, starting callertone business, creating and selling original ringtones, caller tunes and ring tunes business in Nigeria, how to start callertunez business in Nigeria etc, then this manual is for you

I am giving out the information for as little as N 1,500 ($10) to the first 100 people who really wants to make more money creating and selling ringtones/caller tunes. If you don’t want to, don’t bother investing in the packaged information.

I would increase the price to N2, 000 for the next 100 people after the first 100. With this, the price will keep going up unless i desire to retire from selling the information. I trust Nigerians, by the time I give away the first 100, I’m so sure that the market would be filled with lots of people selling the information.

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