How to Make More Money Online in 2013 and Beyond

So many things have been said about making money online. Some people have really made real money online while some are still dragging. Some are also chasing shadows, wasting their energies on stuffs that are not profitable. In whichever class you find yourself, I need you to know that you can get better this year if you start putting the right things I would show you into place starting yesterday.


To Make More Money Online in 2013 and Beyond

Social Network SignWant to make more money online, get more enjoyment from your work and have a more enthusiastic, successful life? If your answer is yes, I’m here to reveal one of the newest ways to make more money online. You would be glad to know this. Please note, knowing about this is not enough, you need to put what you learn from this into practice.

In simple terms, to make more money online, you need SOCIAL CURRENCY. Over the last few years, both the economy and the way people communicate have changed. And the new currency is your social network. It’s the people who know you, like you and trust you.

It’s the number and strength of relationships you have with friends, prospects, clients etc that determines how much money you will make online. The more social currency you have, the more people know, like and trust you, which means the more money you’ll make. The bigger your social network, the easier it is to get clients and to grow your business.

The equation is simple:

More Social Currency = More Monetary Currency (money in the bank)

It used to be if you wanted to get started in business or grow your business you could do some direct mailing, use the yellow pages or even use telemarketing. That’s all changed and social media is where you want to be if you want to get results and see your income grow. That’s what BlendTec did to increase it’s blender sales by 500%, and even Domino’s Pizza did to see their pre-tax profits surge by 29%?

And guess how Starbucks attracted one million customers in one day, and Dell Computer generated a $3 million bump in sales and Coffee Groundz increased sales by 20-30%? Yes, these smart businesses used social media to leapfrog their competition, which is exactly what you can do too starting today.

Now before you go away thinking I’m telling you that social media is a cure all or an instant way for anyone to get rich, I want to be clear. Thousands of people are trying to build their social currency, and 94% are wasting their time. They are trying to figure this new communication medium out on their own.

Big mistake!

Social Media and the social currency it creates is the secret weapon that can give you an unfair advantage but I want to tell you straight up, like anything new, it’s gotten a lot of hype and I know for a fact that lots of companies have poured a ton of time and money into trying to increase their social currency and achieved little. It’s been like a black hole for them, while a few others have used it successfully to see their income soar.

Which is why I will advise you to invest your time and money in learning more about social media marketing. This is where most of your money will come from in 2012. The world as not only become global, it has become social. Learn what it takes and go ahead and succeed at it.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of things, but one of the most important lessons I learned years ago was that success isn’t an accident. It doesn’t just happen by chance. As a person, there are clear goals you can take and actionable steps you should follow. The same is true with social media marketing. If you want to succeed, it’s not going to happen by accident.

If you want to be truly successful, you can’t just wait and hope. And it doesn’t pay to reinvent the wheel and figure out what works on your own. To be successful you need to find out who are the smartest most successful people online who are willing to share their knowledge of what works with you.

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I hope you’ve learned from this? Kindly share…

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  • Barbara Mckinney

    “If you want to succeed, it’s not going to happen by accident.” Agree with this line Ade!

    Success is a process and it takes a lot of courage and boldness to be able to handle the risks in every step you take towards success.
    Adopting, studying and utilizing new things that technology has to give in us are wise move to take. Just for example in social media marketing. Considering its fast growing users, its audience and what it could give to your business.  Keep yourself abreast on the current trend and use it as an opportunity to do big.

  • Adesoji Adegbulu

    Thanks Ryan…

    The world is social and we are in the age of communication

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Good tips Adesoji! Social currency is a powerful business builder. Grow your network, build powerful connections and you will prosper. 

    Thanks for sharing!  RB