How to Make Money Online by Creating Groups and Pages on Facebook

It is very true that people make money online just by first creating groups and pages on Facebook. If you really want to start making money every week by spending just one hour daily on Facebook, then you should read and do what you are about to find out in this post. This post is not just one of those that promises much but delivers nothing. If you are set, let’s go ahead.

FacebookOne important thing you should know about Facebook Groups is that the maximum you can join and create is 300 groups. Anyway, there is no limit to the number of pages you can create. My advise is that you should create few that you can manage effectively. The truth is, the more the groups and pages you have, the more money you make. This is where having a specific goal comes into play.

In essence, you need to determine how much you want to be making weekly, monthly or yearly. Once you do that, then you need to proceed and do what you will find in this post. This is because, you will get to know how to achieve what you have determined to be making.

Before I go ahead, this is not a get rich quick on Facebook scheme that is set to waste your time. If you follow what you are about to read carefully, you are sure to be making real money online through Facebook. Also, note that you will need to be very involved like 1 hour daily and you will also have something to sell. The truth is, the money inside people’s pocket or bank account is yours only if you can provide them a product they need or a service they have been looking for.

UPDATE: Before today, I used to sell the information product but after some months I did stop. Why, this is because Facebook is changing so many things about the way people relate on Facebook. Due to this, if I keep selling the information product on making money by creating Facebook Group and Pages, I would be selling to you outdated information.

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Originally posted 2011-09-23 13:00:50.