How to Make Money Online as a Freelancer -2

Now that you have successfully created a well crafted resume, it time for you to start doing the things that will help you make money online as a freelancer. The advent of a whole world of services marketplaces and job matching sites has transformed the freelance market. Now you can post your resume with a few selected freelancing sites, and get exposure to tens of thousands of companies.

One of the best and most professional of the services marketplaces is Donanza. With over half a million connections, Donanza is the one site every freelance professional must be registered with. Whatever your specialization, you can be sure that this site has a wealth of projects in your field.

Quite simply, setting up a profile on Donanza is the fastest way to accelerate your freelance career. Donanza allows you to search through a database of new, quality projects, set up a gig list to track hot gigs and reach a huge base of companies needing freelance help. Because Donanza offers such a great range of projects, it is easy to find gigs which exactly match your skills and experience.

The simplest way to do this is to create a Saved Search which defines which type of projects you are interested in. You can ask for the latest search details to be sent to you every week, so you know when a new project in your field becomes available. If you have several areas of interest, you can set up a Saved Search for each area. By timing these to arrive on different days, you can ensure a steady supply of new project leads.

Visit to see the wealth of freelance projects awaiting you on today, then enter your skill in the ‘Find Projects’ box. Just click through and spend some minutes registering your Donanza profile free of charge. Select ‘Enter as a Freelance’ on the home page, then click on ‘Sign up Now’.

Get yourself started on Donanza. You will start getting projects which you can do at the required time. Make sure that the project you sign up for are the ones you can do without wasting too much time. I wish you well in your journey to become a freelancer on Donanza


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