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If you want to make money online, you should read the first part of our series on making real money online. I like other people on the internet makes real money. I am here to show you how over the course of days. The resources you will read below will help you start making money online. Remember, making money online is not a singular thing. You need to incorporate other things. We teach all in all on Make Money Online Nigeria.


1. PPC

Pay Per Click is an advertising program in which ads are placed on your blog and you are paid whenever your visitors click on the ads. It is the most common method bloggers use to make money online. It involves almost no effort and is so incredibly easy that many blogs have too much advertising on them. Money is maximized as traffic levels increase. Example of PPC programs you can use are: Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher etc


2. CPM

ways-to-make-money-onlineCost Per Thousand (“m” is roman numeral for thou­sand) is an impression based advertising system. This means advertisers place ads on your blog and you are paid based on how many times the ad shows up. This can be profitable for blogs with big traffic, and can start to bring money to even the smallest blogs. All you need is pageviews to increase this monetization method. Examples of CPM you can use are: Value Click or Tribal Fusion


3. Money Widgets

A very simple advertis­ing system is easily integrated into your blog’s side­bar with widget advertising. Just embed the widget into your sidebar and watch the ads begin. Examples of Money Widgets you can use are The News­room, WidgetBucks, ScratchBack or SmartLinks


4. InText Ads

You know what these ads are. You have probably seen them all over small blogs and websites on the internet. They are links with double-lines below them. While sometimes useful for blog owners pockets, they eventually irritate and annoy most readers into leaving the blog and not returning/subscribing. Intext ads should be used with caution e.g Kontera or Vibrant Media


5. Parked Domains

Have a few domains you are planning on using soon but are not ready to start? Parked domains serve the purpose as advertisement and traffic redirection. This is per­haps the easiest way to make money online, although in small doses. Just get a domain name and use the very easy parked domain programs.

Stay subscribed to this blog as we reveal more ways to make real money online. Are you using any of these five methods already? We will be glad to know more examples under the five methods already stated.


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    How to Make Real Money Online 1