How to Make Money Printing Recharge Cards/Vouchers in Nigeria

I’ve heard about this for some years now but I didn’t pursue it not until today. One of the things that got me writing about this is because one of my very good friend is into it. Not only is he into it, he has been doing the business of printing and selling recharge cards/vouchers business in Nigeria since two years ago. And remember, GSM companies have been in Nigeria over 5 years ago.

Is Recharge Voucher/Card Printing Legal In Nigeria?

ebox-b1-256x3001Ordinary people like you and I can now participate in the trade easily without any fear of having license to do it or not. The major dealers have their license obtained from the telecommunication companies, while individuals like my friend gets the right to printing vouchers, just by registering under one of this major dealers and indicating your interest in buying recharge PINS from them.

The right to RECHARGE CARDS is vested only on the telecommunication operators in the country such as MTN, ETISALAT, GLOBACOM, ZAIN, VISAFONE etc. while people like you and me can alternatively print RECHARGE VOUCHERS in partnership with some major dealers in the telecommunication industry.


To Make Money Printing Recharge Cards/Vouchers (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT,ZAIN etc) In Nigeria

Recharge voucher printing business will continue to grow and demand for cards and vouchers will increase and mere reason why more foreign investors continue to show interest in the huge telecommunication market in the country with the latest investor been ETISALAT NG. This market is still growing and will grow to become part of existence. The reason is because the business has come to stay with the capacity to generate in millions of naira from Nigerians who cannot do without buying recharge vouchers to connect with people for different purposes.

What Do I Need To Start Printing Recharge Vouchers In Nigeria?

The basic things you need to start printing recharge vouchers in Nigeria are:

i. A Computer (Not necessarily connected to Internet and not necessarily yours)
ii. A Printer (Coloured or black & white)
iii. Software that will be used in printing pin numbers on papers (this will be installed onto your computer)
iv. Bulk pin (this, you will be buying from some major dealers)
v. Access to Internet, either at a cafe or personal Internet (this is needed once in a while because whenever you pay for PINS, the major dealers will be send them to you through email, IRRESPECTIVE of which part of Nigeria you are).


Universal Software for Printing Recharge Cards/Vouchers in Nigeria

It’s no more a secret that for you to be able to print recharge vouchers, you will need to install a recharge card printing software on a computer for you to be able to print e-pins ( which you will be buying from some dealers) on white papers. If you do not have much capital, I will advise you to buy already-printed ones and resell instead of stressing yourself to print by yourself.

There are different types of software out there been provided by different dealers. With a UNIVERSAL recharge card printing software, you will be able to print vouchers irrespective of the dealer where you buy the epins from. There are people who will just INSTALL their universal software for you, for N10, 000. You will have to take your computer down to their office for it to be installed on your computer and they will NOT give you the software. Just Imagine that!

You can get it for just N3, 000.

You will also get his Recharge card DEALERS package which he sells for N1, 000. This contains the list of reliable dealers where you can be buying epins (recharge numbers).

The truth is, if you don’t buy the software, some other people will buy it. And they would make serious money printing and selling recharge cards/vouchers in Nigeria. I hope your story will be on the positive side by buying the software as soon as possible.

Are you interested in the Printing software and bonus?

To make a payment of N 3, 000, simply send us a mail using the contact form below.

Please make sure you state your full name, email address, your full location, your phone number(s), your occupation and the title or the name of what you want. Please, be rest assured that your information is safe with us. We just need your information to know who our customers/clients are…

Send your mail to [email protected]

NOTE: This Universal Software is not the “Prepaid Console”

So go ahead and make a purchase of the software so you too can start making money printing and selling recharge card/vouchers this month.

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  • Zihclem

    what is the estimated capital an individual needs to start this printing business and would the person continually pay the dealers for these pins or would one only pay the first amount and thats all…pls i need clarification tnx

  • Omothy

    I really want to run this business of vounchers printint and selling. How can i start up? Someone should help me. What is the capital needed for start up? How can i get the software? Answer me by calling this number 07……

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Hi Omothy, if you really interested, please re-read this information to know how to start up and then send in the required details so as to get you started


    Want to start the printing and selling of Recharge card business in Nigeria

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      please re-read this information to know how to start up and then send in the required details so as to get you started

  • https://nowebsite OLOWU JOHN K

    pls kindly send me the necessary things to do and how to start or send me a contact address where i could visit in order to attend a seminar for the programme.tnks

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