10 Reasons Why you May Never Make Money Online Consistently

The truth is, many people who claim to make money online never make money online. Some do but it has never been consistent. I know this because I have lots of people who share their money making experiences with me. I make money online consistently and I know many people who do. In this post, I would present the 10 reasons why you may never make money from the internet like I and so many other people do. If you are ready, please leave every other things you are doing and concentrate on this post. Read it through and read it to the end. Not only read, you will need to act on this post – today!

Truth about Making Money Online in Nigeria

Here are thereasons why you may never make money online

Problem # 1: Confusion and Information Overload

The symptom of this digital disease includes:

- You are confused about what online business to choose that is suited to you
- You are usually at a loss and do not know the right digital business to do
- You don’t even know anything about online business
- You are a total novice
- You just need very good online business where you can make good money without losing and don’t know exactly where to begin.
- You don’t know what to package as an information product and
- You are utterly confused with the boat-load of information that so-called gurus bombard you with every single day

Problem # 2: Know How

This is the most dreaded road block and it is the reason for the 95% failure rate in Online Business. The symptoms include:

- You are not an IT person and so believe you simply can’t do business online
- You don’t know the basics and hence lack the confidence to start now
- You have absolute dread for loosing your money
- You have profound difficulty in understanding most of the ebooks and it’s application
- You lack the expertise to do basic digital things like write good sales letters, build your own website and have it hosted, you don’t even know what a list is talk more of how to get your list for marketing, this is your first time of hearing the word blog and you don’t know how to get a blog
- Your biggest problem is to know the right online business you should concentrate upon now
- You lack practical and methodological approach to selling your information products digitally
- You long for a detailed step by step blueprint, infact without it, you won’t touch internet business with a long pole.
- You prefer practical teachings than just spending and paying and for the latest gizmos pedalled by the newest guru in town.
- You are a student a student and never chanced to be travel for any overpriced seminar
- You simply want to know the honest digital business to put your money into. End of story.

Problem # 3: Lack Of Money

This is a terrible disease and the symptoms include complains such as;

- You don’t have the Start up capital for the business,
- You don’t have money to pay for genuine online business opportunities
- You are short of cash
- You need financial assistance to start, for you to acquire your computer and other stuffs.

Problem # 4: Lack Of a Mentor

- You lack a mentor to baby sit you into digital success. Even if you see people peddling themselves as mentors, you can’t find a mentor and coach who has learned the ropes
- You desperately need a personal trainer. Without a Coach you are lost, you feel it will be confusing to start any business right now without an experienced coach or mentor.
- You are desperately searching for an understanding person to put you through because you believe that if you learn nitty-gritty of the business from an experience person, your success is guaranteed
- You are in search of someone to hold you by the hand because it will boost your confidence and give you the needed courage to give online business a trial

Problem #5: Procrastination

Your problem is you seem not to be able to take a decision to start Now.

- You are waiting endlessly for things to be perfect and this of course leads you into permanent procrastination mode.
- You suffer uncontrollably from the inability to take definite actions. And your most favourite failure-attractive excuse is I don’t have time!

Problem #6: How To Get Your Money Online

- You are baffled about How to get paid after your online transactions
- You are confused about the best payment processing procedure for Nigerians and you are terrible pained by the knowledge that you will register for some stuff and no way to get your cash, and you simply don’t know how you will be receiving payment through your website.

Problem #7: Money Chaser Syndrome

Your own disease is short and chronic – you just want the fastest and easy way to make money online! End of Story.

Problem #8: Certainty

You want mathematical certainty. You desperately need to be comforted in the knowledge that you will earn something everyday or at least in regular interval.

Problem #9: Tired of Trying and Unwilling to take risk

You have been there and done that. You have tried all the lastest online business opportunities peddled by latest know-it-all-guru and you have burnt your fingers.

In fact, you have been trying to have an online business in the last 3 years but all you can show for your investment is indebtedness. You seriously will not consider getting involved in online business if it involves taking any risk.

Problem #10: Reliable Tools

Your own problem is getting a functional system with good internet and the challenge has not really made you to fully utilize the various opportunities at your disposal and to make matter worse a lot of the cyber cafes are a big disappointment and only burn deep holes in your pocket.

Now that you have seen the reasons/problems, I can help you solve them if you truly need my help.

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This post was originally written by Efe Imiren