The Characteristics of a Successful Blog

I’ve been a student all my life and still I am. I began blogging through learning the acts and i’m still building by learning how it’s been done. One of the places I frequent almost daily to learn the act of blogging is

BlogToday, I am going to share with you the characteristics of a successful blog. And to do this, I am going to use an acronym I learned in integrated science when I was still in high school. The topic then was ‘The Characteristics of a Living thing’.

So let’s get started… The acronym is MR NIGER D. And this is what the acronym means as regards building a successful blog.


1. M – Movement

Your blog must be mobile. This movement or mobility can mean that your blog readers can access your blog on their mobile phones. You need to make your blog mobile phone compatible if you have not. It can also mean that your blog is extending it reach to other countries. The truth is, getting more visitors from more countries all over the world simply means that your blog has moved into that country. You need to work on this if you want to build a successful blog. Don’t be limited to computer users and your locality alone.


2. R – Respiration

If your blog breathing? If yes, how often does it breath? By respiration, I mean, how often do you update your blog? Are you like someone that updates his blog once in two weeks? The truth is, if you want to build a successful blog, you must constantly update your blog. This should be at least three times a week. Anything outside this means that your blog is not breathing.

To make your blog keep breathing even when you don’t have enough time, you should hire ghost writers or better still offer the opportunity for people to guest post on your blog.


3. N – Nutrition

Do you really feed your blog? If you don’t, you should consider doing this always. As human beings cannot do without food, lively blogs too cannot do without food. So, how do you feed your blog? You feed your blog by;

- applying the latest innovation from yourself of from internet buzz on your blog
- reading a lot of materials related to your blog’s niche
- having mentors who you get inspiration from
- subscribing to the RSS feeds of the blog’s you get quality information from
- etc


4. I – Irritability

This is weird but true. If your blog is not irritable, you have not built a successful blog. What do I mean by this? If everyone loves your blog you are being fooled. The more you have people who does not love your blog, the more you are proving that your blog is successful.

One other way whereby you can make your blog irritable is to once in a while publish posts that positively attacks a well known blogger or blog. With that, you get buzz from so many other bloggers talking about you and your blog. Please note: do this with courtesy.


5. G – Growth

To build a successful blog, your blog must be growing. It must be growing in the numbers of blog or newsletter subscribers, twitter followers, number of comments, numbers of posts and many other things. It is your responsibility to make your blog grow almost everyday.

If you don’t know how to make your blog grow, you can ask specific questions in the comment box provided further below and I would be glad to reply you.


6. E – Excretion

Do you clean your blog? If you don’t, you should start doing this. Clean your blog’s structure/themes, remove or update old plugins if your blog is built on WordPress. You wouldn’t your blog to be badly arranged. Nothing spoils a blog’s reputation like this.

Also, make sure you improve on your blog’s look and functionality. This can be done at least once in 6 months. When you change or improve on your blog’s theme or template, it shows that you are done with the former and you have been renewed. Do this consistently and you will find that your blog is becoming successful by the day.


7. R – Reproduction

Are you reproducing yourself in other newbie bloggers? If you are, this is a proof that your blog is successful. If your are not, you should work yourself to this point. That is if you really want to build a successful blog.

Reproduce yourself. Reproduce your blog. Reproduce your content by updating previous content on your blog that have become obsolete. You don’t know who might be looking for that information you have written two years ago today. Go back to your blog’s archive and edit some of the posts with the latest information. Just make sure you always reproduce. The benefit of this is that, even when you are not available, other bloggers will still be talking about your blog or they keep referring people to your blog.


8. D – Death

Yes death! This is the last characteristics of a successful blog. There is a saying that, you are not successful until you have a successor. Your blog is not successful until it has a successor. This is why reproducing your blog in other people’s blog is of great importance.

By death, I don’t mean that your blog dies and it is no where to be found again. What I mean is that your blog is bearing fruits. You know, a seed remains a seed unless it dies and it’s buried under the earth before it can germinate and bring forth more seeds. Your blog should be able to do this.

In conclusion, if you seriously want your blog to be successful every week, you need to practice the characteristics of a successful every week.

Originally posted 2011-09-29 19:00:26.