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Yes, you read that clearly. We have read about SXSW and the likes, it is time to get Nigeria’s version started. What do you think about the potentials of Nigeria Bloggers Conference? Let me leave you to your imagination for a while… Back from your imagination? Ok, let’s go ahead with the content of this post. I need you to read through this update and act on the information you will find here in.


Why Nigeria Bloggers Conference (NBC)?

I was buzzed by my friend Chukwuemeka F. Agbata ( on my Blackberry Messenger about the idea of starting Nigeria Bloggers conference. This was on Wednesday, 25th April, 2012. When he buzzed me, I knew it was the time to get it started. The truth is, I have thought about the conference but left it unattended to because I was not ready to pursue it. Thank God for his chat. Now we all need to get Nigeria Bloggers Conference started.

According to Chukwuemeka Agbata, the why for Nigeria Bloggers Conference are as follows;

- Networking
- Potential Joint Ventures
- Growth of the blogging profession in Nigeria
- Education/Training
- Association.

He gave the above 5 reasons. Please note, the whys for Nigeria Bloggers Conference is not limited to these. If you have more reasons why we should start Nigeria Bloggers Conference, please list them now on a notepad and make sure you add them as comments further below after you read this update through.


What is Nigeria Bloggers Conference (NBC)?

Nigeria bloggers conference is the meet-up between Nigerian Bloggers (home and abroad) which will be held once in a year for the purpose of networking amongst Nigerian bloggers and for the growth of the blogging profession in Nigeria.

The conference will be organized in such a way that some bloggers will be selected to speak in the conference about their challenges and success as unique to them or their blogging niche. There would also be workshops and trainings where some other bloggers will be chosen to practically train newbies in their blogging niche. In addition to this, we will also have companies like Google, Glo, Airtel, MTN, FATE, LBS and so many others to send in their representative to come and give a talk about a product or service they have which will be of immense benefit to Nigeria bloggers and the growth of the blogging profession in Nigeria. The conference will be crowned with an awards nite so as to recognize the input of so many Nigerian bloggers for the growth of the blogging profession in Nigeria.

Past work (between 2007 and 2010)

- Nigeria Bloggers Conference

- Nigeria Bloggers Conference Vs 1

- Nigeria Strategic Bloggers Conference

Present work

We have seen the past. The future will be BIG!!! To get the Nigeria bloggers Conference started, we are going to be doing the following;

1. Get a site registered.

2. Get Nigerian Bloggers to know about the conference

This is what I’m doing now. You can also help by sharing a small update about Nigeria Bloggers Conference on your blog and direct your readers to this post so that they can get to know about the plan behind Nigeria Bloggers Conference.

3. Get specific Nigerian Bloggers together so has to have a concrete plan for the yearly conference

If you love this idea and you are ready to be part of the people that would make the yearly conference a reality, please send a mail containing your contact details and what your contribution will be (cash or kind) to us using the form below. Please let the title of your mail be “Nigeria Bloggers Conference Planning”. You will get a reply and followup emails.

Please note, we intend meeting together somewhere and have some hours of discussion and deliberation. We should reach a conclusion for a way forward in the meeting. After which the outcome of our meeting will be worked upon and that which is needed to be communicated to other Nigerian Bloggers will be shared on the official website

5 + 9 =

Please note, there is no restriction whatsoever, as long as you have a blog or you are planning on starting one, you are welcomed. You too should participate in bringing this to reality. When we get the first conference done within the next 6 months, other yearly bloggers conference will come to reality. If you have been looking for what is going to happen to your blog after you are dead, this is what you should take part in.

At this point, please do the actions already mentioned in the update. Also, please share this post to other Nigerian Bloggers you know. Share the link to this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums, your blogs, your Blackberry messengers, your other instant messengers etc. Please get the word out and expect further information lined up for the success of Nigeria Bloggers Conference.

Adesoji Adegbulu


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