The Nigerian Internet Entrepreneur Spotlight 11: Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

Good to have you hear. I’m glad that you have taken a step to read and learn from the interview on Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi. This interview contains secrets you need to know about. I’m sure that this is the first interview Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi has granted in a long time. If you know him, this interview will help you know him more. If you don’t, this interview will also open your eyes to things you need to do so at to make money online as a Nigerian.

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So, who do we have today?

Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

MMON: Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi, an Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer and Search Engine Optimization Guy. Well, I dont like discussing issues like this online, but because of you (Adesoji Adegbulu), as you have been a bit close to me, I will just try to make them brief.

MMON: Thanks for the opportunity

MMON: So, let’s get right in… When did you start Making Money Online and how did you make your first money online?

Lets start by saying I cant really figure out the exact date or time, but I can remember some years back. I started with free browsing and other tech stuffs. I made so much money packaging free browsing tricks and codes on PC for clients using free blogspot blog. That same blog made me my first Google AdSense money of $362 USD or there about. It was my first ever publisher earnings from Google Ads.

I was busy going to forums like Nairaland, Nigeriabestforum and Naijahotjobs looking for traffic. A time came when I had to stop free browsing stuff, and I moved on to local Internet Marketing (Info marketing so to speak). Just gradually I left local marketing a bit and started facing international IM (Internet Marketing). Gradually from there things started clicking and there have been great open doors for me, to earning full time online.

MMON: Wow, you have just summarized what people need to really make money online. And that is 1. A HOT product/service. 2. Passion. 3. A blog. 4. Traffic. and 5. Growth and Development

MMON: When starting your present blog/site, did you ever expect it to grow to where it is today?

No not all. Infact I started internet tech stuff and online money making stuff for fun. I started with free blogs like wordpress and blogspot free blogs. But today, I have 10 – 15 blog/sites, two Nigeria based and and the rest are my international affiliates sites that I would not want to put here now.

MMON: Cool. I like that. It simply means anyone can operate an international business right here in Nigeria if he/she got what it takes.

MMON: You’ve been in the internet space for quite some time, how much of an impact have you made?

Yes by God’s grace so much impart has been made in the lives of those following me online, my clients, Subscribers. I know you have been following me closely and you too can attest to that. Day in and Day out I receive phone calls and emails from many people that I dont even know requesting for helps especially making a living from the internet or similar
services and help.

MMON: Yeap. I know that you have made impacts. I can attest to that. So, how have you incorporated social media into your site?

Yes Social Media is the future of the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, StumbleUpon etc gives me about 11.18% of traffic to my sites while I get about 76.27% organic traffic daily. This is according to my Google Analytics stats. So the power of social media can not be over emphasized, it has come to save and rescue many businesses especially Facebook. Even in Nigeria many people knows what is Facebook but they dont know what is Internet, this sound ridiculous but its the truth. How can there be FB without the INTERNET, thats the power of Social Networking.

MMON: That’s really funny!

MMON: In your opinion, what is the single best way to monetize a blog/website/membership site/forum etc?

To me you can monetize a site with Ads (Google, Infolinks etc), Affiliate Products Promotion (Clickbank, Amazon etc, CPA (CPALead, MaxBouty etc). But for Nigerians, Google Adsense and local product promotion is the best choice.

MMON: What tools do you think will help you achieve more online if you have them?

More online automated sophisticated tools for automating SEO process. Things like Scrapebox, Xrumer, Magic Submitter, Market Sumurai etc though I have some of them, but I still need more. Automation is the key to making huge money online. These tools helps alot especially in SEO which is the secret of my internet earnings according to what I said earlier. I can rank any sites in hours or weeks, either Black Hat or White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. It took me time to master it and I’m happy I did. Even with this recent Google Farm Panda update 2.0 that has eaten up many big sites, I can still rank any sites.

MMON: SEO and Automation tools are really needed to make huge income online.

MMON: Any recommended resources for people looking to bring their online business to the next level?

Making huge money online has gone beyond practicing what you love best or what you are passionate about. Well, though it is a good factor for those just beginning, but to those that wants to make full 6 figure income online, automation, SEO and smartness is the key to surviving the rat race of online business.

MMON: Do you have any big announcements or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

Nothing that big sha. As I have decided to focus and concentrate my skills and talent on international community where the big money lies. Soon I will stop promoting “Make Money Products” in Nigeria not because its getting cheaply saturated, but because most Nigerians that buys these products dont dig deep buy taking stiff punitive steps and actions to put what they have learnt into use. They keeping buying different courses, systems and keep attending worthless seminars and eventually waste their time on Facebook.

Anyway, I intend launching something few weeks from now on How To Make Your Virtual Credit Cards for Online Shopping, Receiving Payments, Paypal Verification, Withdrawing Money Online and for Starting Your Own Virtual Credit Card Business. It’s a solid package that will help lots of honest and sincere Nigerians. The Package is almost ready, but I have not
design and setup the salespage and ads landing pages that I will be using. Though I have designed the squeeze pages and sales of my affiliate promoters. When its fully ready, you guys would know. You can subscribe to our feeds and newsletters to keep in touch.

MMON: What Is Your Advice for Those Just Starting, I Mean Newbies?

My advice for them is to start small, and try to reduce cost when starting so that they won’t be discouraged when the expected profits is not rolling in. And they should try as much as possible to stick to a Mentor who knows what he/she is doing, and that is really practicing the make money online sermons he is preaching. Also, they should not forget that success rate is an individual factor. If you can’t succeed as an individual, you can’t succeed with a team. They should read, research, consult and take time to put each thing they have learnt into reality by taking actions.

MMON: That is well said. Thanks Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi for this interview.

Thank you too.

Dear reader, I hope you have learned so many things. You should go ahead and put them into practise.