The Nigerian Internet Entrepreneur Spotlight 5: Dennis Isong

This is an interview with Dennis Isong – the fifth in our Nigerian Internet Entrepreneur Spotlight series. The first spotlight was on Dayo Edunjobi. The second spotlight was on Adebola Oni. The third spotlight was on Babajide Ogunsanya, the fourth was on Desmond Ufuoma Okosi . This is the fifth, go through it and wait for the sixth.

MMON: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Dennis IsongMy name is Dennis Isong from Akwa Ibom State, still young and dynamic. An IT Consultant and also a Professional Web Developer/Programmer.

MMON: When did you start Making Money Online and how did you make your first money online?

That was in 2007, I started from website design which is my key area still now before I later decided to cover more grounds by including web hosting, information marketing and rendering some other services on the internet.

MMON:When starting your site, did you ever expect it to grow to where it is today?

Yes,I expected it to be more than this but am still moving and I have not gotten to my desire goal yet, just watch out and see.

MMON: You’ve been in the internet space for a long time, how much of an impact have you made?

Let me tell you this, one thing that keep me moving, fresh and handsome every day is because of the appreciation I get from my followers. It is a thing of joy when I bless a soul with my knowledge. These are few out of many testimonies received. You can check more on my forum

From : Username – 4xstore
Dennis,I must use this opportunity. I appreciate your kindness. They will continue to bless you.

From : Username : franel79
You have never ever ceased to inspire me. Great Job.

From : Username – kess.1
Thank you very much for this incredible free online training. I’m with you all the way. I’m very much impressed by your generosity, Dennis. I’ve taken a cue from you. You’re too much!

From : Username – sfseos
Useful stuff! Thanks for the links to the ebooks

From : Username – ogorhode
I think you are an Apostle of influence who want to raise disciple of web designers.i’m in Mr.Web master. more grace to your elbow

From : Username – Gift202020
Woww,,, Dennis Isong. u ar doing a great job here. just keep it up )))::

From Username:anayoe
What an info delivered at the very best of time. Thanks alot Dennis Isong

From Username :modupe
Nice content ,keep up the good job,the good Lord will continue to reward you.

From:Username- aji4sale
This is a great information, i have use this info before and its seriously works deadly cheap. Mr.Dennis Isong you have done great job giving this info out free.

From:Username- perkyconcept
I have downloaded mine. I hope people will take advantage of this opportunity to gain this stream of multiple income as web design is one of the fast growing business in Nigeria if u really know how to do ur marketing well… Mr. Dennis Isong Good job keep it up God only will reward u sir
Seyi Stephen Adesina
Perky Concept

From Username : agobestcash
I have just download the day topic, so interesting, also I will send 500 bulk sms from my database for others to participate and patronise your reliable service [the best reliable webhost in nigeria].

From Username : mimiee
I only joined this forum today and I want to say, I am priviledged to be here. You are one in a million, and I am excited that there are still some Nigerians who believe they can make positive changes in the lives of other people who are ready to take their destiny in their hands. More grease to your elbow and I pray continued success for you in all your endeavour.

These are just the few thank you note receive this month alone.

MMON: Yes, you right about that. I am one of the beneficiaries of your forum. My username on your forum is Maven. I also knew when you started the forum.

MMON: How have you incorporated social media into your site?

I have been preaching about this social media for years now. I believe in trend and at present social media is hot. If you use it rightly you will see result. I have a book written on this topic, you can check it out at and download a free copy

MMON: Yeap… about that book, I remember you told me about it and I did a review about it before you made it public.

MMON: In your opinion, what is the single best way to monetize a blog/website/membership site/forum etc?

Sell your service, product and Affiliate product.

MMON: What would you recommend for a new blogger, that wants to create their own brand/presence on the internet?

Start with with what you love doing, your hobby, profession etc .Just be creative

MMON: Any recommended resources for people looking to bring their online business to the next level?

Yes of course, I have some great resources for all the members of my forum. Just join

MMON: What kind of tools do you think you would need to make your online business better?

There are many tools out there to use but it all depend on the kind of business you do online. One of the tool I will recommend as an Internet Entrepreneur is autoresponder.This tool help you to manage ur customers

MMON: Do you have any big announcements or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

Yes, there are many projects on the pipeline. Just join my forum so that you can always get the update.

MMON: Ok. Dennis let me put this directly to you. How easy is it to earn legitimate income on the Internet? I can see that you are really enjoying your business.

Firstly, integrity is it. Secondly, you need to have something to offer (good product or service), thirdly, a good marketing system. If you have these three things in place, it will be easy for you.

MMON: Great. It all starts with being real and then going all out to help people passionately

MMON: Where do you see the Internet business in Nigeria going in the next 5 years?

The truth is, in the next five years if any business do not have Internet presence, they will close down.

MMON: Nice.

MMON: Now, your final word for Nigerian youth.

Dennis: There is no short cut in life and also there is no short Internet business. Don’t be carried away by all these Internet gimmicks (make$$$$$$ in one second). You need to build it, it will not happen over night. I want to leave you with these four corner stones of personal greatness. You need these four corner stones to succeed. Firstly, seek the right KNOWLEDGE from the right source (action takers not talkers). Secondly, Take ACTION. Thirdly, PERSEVERE. It might take time but it will work. Lastly, have FAITH….believe in what you are doing… See you at the top.

MMON: Wow… Good points to abide by.

Dennis, thanks for granting us this interview. I really appreciate it.


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