Money Making Online for Nigerian Students

Money is money, it doesn’t ask if you are a student or not. To make money, you need to first know the reasons why you want to make money. If your reasons are not strong enough, making money will not be that easy. Though you might get some money but it’s will not meet up to what you expect. If your reasons are strong enough, then the sky is your starting point.

I’m doing this because I keep getting several mails about this. One of them is this one that was sent to me months back. His mail is as follows;


Dear Soji, I visited your blog about 3 months ago and I have got quality tips and guides on internet business among other things. However, there are several people out there who have tried several get-rich-quick stuffs and have failed, some know too many things about Internet business but they don’t know how to start.

Again, I also want to remind you of how most Nigerian students struggle in school to pay school fees, handout and the likes; how they eventually become unemployed. This is really doleful.

Pursuant to this, I would implore you to start on something like a series on an internet business venture specifically for Nigerian students which they are to start implementing as you teach them. They can ask questions and you help them with assistance and all that.

To make sure they are students, you may ask for their scanned school ID card or something. So many can take part. I will recommend that you make it pro-bono. I’m aware this would cost you much but God has ways of rewarding sacrifices to humanity.

Well, if you decide to attach a price… Send my copyright fees…lol. Just joking.

Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response!

Facebook: Dosumu
School: UNILAG

In response to this, if you are a Nigerian student schooling in Nigeria and you are interested in this series of training on money making online for Nigerian students, please do the requirements you will find further below. Please note, this series of training on money making online for Nigerian Students will be absolutely free but you would need to pay sometimes to get the required and needed tools to insure your success. Your success in this training is dependent on your mindset, tool-sets and skill-sets. This is where the foundation of the training will revolve around.


- Write a short note on the reasons why you want to make money online as a Nigerian student
- State your full name, email address, phone numbers, home address, your school, your department/course, your level and your last CGPA
- Get a scanned copy of your school ID card (your picture and details must be legible)
- Get one of your parent or guardian to write a short letter of approval. They must give you a go ahead to undergo the series training.
- write out what you see yourself becoming in the next five years. State your goals clearly.
- List all the skills you already have.

Put all the above requirements in a Microsoft Word Documents and attach it with the contact form below. Fill the required details on the form and submit. Once I get your response, I will go through them and get back to you with an access to a training website I have started developing. I believe that in some few weeks, you will start money making online legally as a Nigerian student.


2 + 7 =

Please note, if you don’t get a response from me, it simply means your reasons for wanting to make money online as a Nigeria student are not strong enough for me to commit my time, energy and money to help you achieve them. If you find yourself in this, you would need to re-write your reasons.

Also, take note, I am not looking for quantity. If I get only 20 people, I’m satisfied. This is because I will work with them and they can start multiplying and duplicating what they have gotten into others.

I await your responses.


  • jyde

    nice,i would lyk to partake pls

  • Sam

    Love this post so much but what will hinder me from applying is that, i’m still writing for admission i.e not yet a student but this post really got my attention b’cos, i sponsored myself and it is not quite easy for me at all. If i am opportune to augument my earnings through the internet, it will definatly be a welcome breakthrough ever in my life. So, please what’s my fate??

    • Adesoji

      Hi Sam, you can apply. Send in the details you have and please state what you typed in your comment in the mail you will send.