Have You Joined the Nigeria’s Social Media Website for Change Agents?

Are you a change agent? Or do you want to be a change agent business-wise? The truth about what I teach on Making Money Online Nigeria is to build people who makes real money online legitimately, create online businesses and also create wealth and thereby fulfilling their dreams as a change agent in Nigeria.


One of my mentor’s mentor said that “if you want to change Nigeria, you need to do two things. 1. Become influential – make money, create wealth etc and 2. Don’t forget the reason why you did the number one”


So as to stay with me to learn what you need to do to become influential, I also want to invite you to join our social media site for change agents. The social media website I’m referring to is GET INSPIRED NIGERIA (GiN). The GiN project was initiated with the sole goal of harnessing, creating and providing necessary avenues and resources for young Nigerians to develop leadership, self, entrepreneurial, social and political skills necessary to create positive changes thus leading to the advancement and development of our nation Nigeria.


Nigeria's Social Media Website for Change Agents


Its main aim is to develop qualified people, people better able to meet, understand and cope with global challenges of the future and to achieve a good level of economic development.


The GET INSPIRED NIGERIA (GiN) project was initiated by a group of young Nigerians who have been set free from the limitations imposed on their thinking by their environment. They grew up in an environment of poverty but have been delivered from the mentality of poverty. Young people who believe in the prosperity of Nigeria.


The maiden and current project of the GET INSPIRED NIGERIA (GiN) project is an internet Resource Portal – www.getinspirednigeria.com which was launched on the 26th of March 2008 by Adedoyin Adedeji and Idowu Tolulope Akinrelere. The GiN project was later joined by Adesoji Adegbulu as a social media agent.


Our Goal

Our goal is to build Nigeria’s Largest Community Of Change Agents


Our Mission

* To seek innovative ways to reach out to the Nigerian people.
* To deploy world class web technologies to build one of Nigeria’s largest community
* To use these technologies to offer free internet services that would deliver empowerment resources to Nigerians.
* To create a cyberspace for positive minds in Nigeria, where they can connect, interact and empower each other thus building capacity in every Nigerian to take responsibility for positive change and to be a change agent wherever they are.


Our Vision

To create a world class web portal that offers internet based services which will be free and is targeted towards motivating and empowering every class of Nigerian to greatness using the latest internet technologies available.



www.getinspirednigeria.com is Nigeria’s Largest Community Of Change Agents which focuses on helping people to achieve a life of impact wealth, success and positive impact.


As a member of www.getinspirednigeria.com you would have FREE ACCESS to:

1. AUDIOS and PODCASTS of MOTIVATIONAL, EMPOWERING and INSPIRATIONAL talks and speeches from notable individuals and renowned speakers from Nigeria and around the globe.

2. An eBook Library where you can download tones EBooks freely. The e?Library is fortified with e?books on subjects on empowerment, business, finances, investments, career, self development and much more.

3. An Online Interactive Article and Discussion Blog in which people can Post Informative, Empowering articles on business, finances, investments, career, self development e.t.c.

4. Social Media in which you can ask questions, rub minds, share thoughts and ideas with great and like minds, proffer solutions to personal and national challenges.


REGISTRATION AND ACCESS to all the Resources on www.getinspirednigeria.com is absolutely FREE. So don’t waste more time. Join other Positive Minded Nigerians on www.getinspirednigeria.com. Registration is Quick, Easy and Non-time wasting.


Go right now and register to become part of the Nigeria’s Social Media Website for change agents.