Tools to Make Your Online Business Socially Relevant in Minutes

You can make your online business socially relevant by making use of a set of tools called GroSocial. GroSocial is a suite of web-based tools that allow you to easily build and track social media campaigns, make your Facebook and Twitter pages look awesome, and much more. If you want to improve your online business on top social media sites, these tools is designed to help you achieve that.

Why Make Your Online Business Socially Relevant?

I can tell you a lot of reasons why you should make your online business socially relevant. The summary of all the reasons is this, the world is social, your clients are social being, your products/services serves a social purpose. If you don’t make your online business socially relevant, you are as good as not doing business at all.

Why GroSocial?

I recommend GroSocial because you can…

1. Design it your way: Start from scratch or use one of the great-looking professionally designed templates to create Facebook tabs, Timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds, and more, for all your social campaigns. With GroSocial’s design tools, you’re in complete control of your brand’s social networking identity.

2. Give it some Oomph: With the drag-and-drop campaign builder, you can create powerful viral promotions, sweepstakes, photo and video contests, and lead capture forms. Also use GroSocial to distribute coupons, cross-promote your company’s other social networking accounts, and more, all in a matter of minutes.

Analyze & Improve: GroSocial’s in-depth analytics give you insight into which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. Everything from form submission to fan and follower sharing can be tracked for detailed analysis.

Some testimonies about GroSocial

“Having spent a lot of time evaluating various tools to manage our social media activities, we can say GroSocial has provided the most intuitive and enhanced capability to ensure we continue to remain engaged with our audience and make it fun as well!” – eBay

“We like that GroSocial helps us be quick to market and quick to engage our Facebook fans. The application is ready to go out-of-the-box and customizing it to our needs and our brand makes it an even more powerful tool.” – Skullcandy

It’s easy to get started with GroSocial. You can try it free for 30 days and see how the tool can be of immense benefit to your online business. It’ll really make your online business socially relevant.


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  • sara

    Apart from other benefits, one of the major benefits of getting social profiles is that the emerging algorithms of Google have already indicated favoring sites with good social presence.

    In fact, there have been many case studies which have proved beyond doubt that social signals do have a great impact in the rankings of websites.