The Online Business That Might Interest You (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

You hear that people are pumping thousands, even millions from the Internet via different online business. You hear about eBay, Etsy, Amazon affiliate marketing, and forex trading. You hear all that, but perhaps, none of these appeals to you. Here is the one online business that might interest you: freelance writing business.

The Freelance Writing Business

“Really?” you might overwhelmingly inquire. “What the heck is freelance writing?” I’ll explain in a second…

Freelancing in NigeriaThe term “freelance” has been in used since in the 17th century era of medieval warriors. It’s a combination of the word “free” and “lance.” The “lance” refers to the mercenary’s weapon, also known as a spear, which was used for cutting the enemies’ throat. On the other hand, the word “free” denotes that the mercenary can “freely” service any individual, besides their lord, who can pay for their work.

In today’s 21st century, when we refer to the word “freelance,” we don’t mean “spare;” we simply imply a business model. A “freelance writer” can be defined as any self-employed individual who uses his or her own writing talent (lance) to service anyone and gets paid.

Freelance writers are content creators who write for companies, businesses, web masters, and bloggers. Some of the services they offer include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Article writing
  • Ghost writing
  • Grant writing
  • Academic writing
  • Speech writing

While a freelance writer can source their writing jobs offline, through their local organizations and businesses, today, most freelancers get their writing jobs online through various freelance marketplaces. Some of these markets include: Elance, oDesk, Guru, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, and many others.

If you know how to write quality articles, you can jump into the market and start making money with your skills. But, you might say, “Of all the online businesses available, why should I go for freelance writing business?

Here are three big reasons why.

1. Content Fuels the Internet Machine

Recently, the AOL Inc. in collaboration with Jacob Nielsen, the web usability expert, published a ground breaking report. According to the report, more than 27 million pieces of content are shared on the Internet every day. And more than 53% of time spent on the Internet is directly attributed to content consumption. Since the Internet can’t run without content, companies, online business, and web masters must update their web pages with fresh content for their readers and customers. You won’t click on a site that has no valuable content, will you? Website owners know that content is the foundation element of all effective Internet marketing. This is great news for writers.

2. Google Elevates the Writer

The recent Google updates helps elevate the status of freelance writers. It started with the Panda update – downgrading sites that are built with spun, bait, and copied content. You know those sites that are created just for the sake of ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Then progressed to the Penguin update – “Google slapping” sites with fake links. You know those sites with spun, junk links usually from article directories that have no relevance to the reader. And the aggressive EMD (Exact Match Domain) update – removing the domain name for exact keyword matches. Remember those sites you probably have come across? Well, they’re history now. Google has removed them from its search engine. And finally the Hummingbird update – a complete overhaul of all the updates. Google now understands how real people talk. But … what does that mean for freelance writer? Anyone who wants to maintain their online business and online presence must hire a great writer to keep their business doors open. Think about that.

3. Writers Make Things Happen Online

Because the Internet is powered by content, it’s safe to say that content creators are the online celebrities – they write valuable words that attracts attention, builds businesses, and converts loyal readers into customers – they make things happen online.

From the SEO strategy to Pay-Per-Click ads to white papers to social media updates to copywriting art – you need content to boost your online presence, increase your profits, or promote your online business. Content is just what works online. And who creates the content?

Freelance writers do… They run the Internet show.

This is written as a guest post by Suhaib Mohammed. He is a professional freelance writer. He’s the founder and CEO of Haibtext where he teaches how to write and learn as you earn.


Originally posted 2014-05-16 19:26:26.