Online Job (e.g. Blogging) vs Online Business (e.g Selling)

Comparing online jobs with online business is like comparing your school’s/street’s football (soccer) team with Arsenal (yeap! I’m a gunner). Jokes aside, really even though they play the same ball, where jerseys, undergo strict training and all the likes, you can’t compare your local football team with Arsenal. The same way you can’t put Online Job vs Online Business and expect online job to win.

What are online jobs?

Simply put, online jobs are the works you do just because you are “just-over-broke”. They are very similar to offline jobs. Where you work and get paid. They look so simple but they really need your time investment where you earn so little.

One major example of online job is BLOGGING.

blogging-jobsBlogging is a real online job. Let’s face it, can you do without updating your blog in one month and still have money flowing into your account? And when I say money, I don’t mean those measly looking $500 in one month. Let me ask you again, can you do without updating your blog with new posts etc for one month and still make a minimum of $1000 from the blog? I’m sure your answer is NO. But if your answer to that question is YES, the blogging is no more an online job for you but an online business.

Takeaway: Instead of wasting time building blogs, start building a business on your blog

Other types of online jobs are completing and submitting surveys conducted online, reviewing products/services, offering your support services, previewing new products and offering feedback of your experience of them, writing as a freelancer, data entry, article writing, graphic design etc. In short, online jobs are the stuffs people do online that needs them to show up before they can earn. These are works that do not have a system driving it.

The truth is, you will make money online doing online jobs BUT if you desire to really live the internet lifestyle, you should start considering switching over to starting and running a successful online business

What are online business?

There are lots of online business. I mean online business not scam. I mean businesses that puts you in the drivers’ seat. It means, you dictate how much you earn, when you earn and how often you earn. They are not easy to start but you should consider moving towards creating a real online business.

Arsenal didn’t become a great football club in few days or months or years. I don’t expect you to build a real online business today and start living the internet lifestyle tomorrow. However, you can begin today, build a business and not just a blog.

SOME examples of online business you can start and develop are information marketing, importation business (Drop Shipping), advertising, affiliate marketing, training/coaching, selling your own products and services, starting an e-commerce site, building a business blog, real Network Marketing and lots more…

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Do you have any suggestion, requirement, addition or subtraction? I’ll be waiting to read them as comments on this post. Let me and others know what you think about Blogging as an online business or blogging as an online job.


Originally posted 2013-01-24 21:36:51.

  • Emmanuel

    Confirmed write up bro, i see and pity internet newbie whose only aim is to setup a blog and apply for adsense only for Google to ban their adsense account and they get frustrated and saying online business is scam meanwhile is online jobs they ve been doing

    • Adesoji

      Exactly bro. A job requires you to be available before you can make money. A business requires a system that can make you money without being available