EXCLUSIVE: Konga’s Online Selling Opportunity for Nigerians

EXCLUSIVE: Konga set to unleash revolutionary online selling opportunity for all Nigerians, to drive economic development. Konga, Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall which only last year announced the launch of Konga Mall, a revolutionary offering which gave select Nigerian businesses the opportunity to make their products and businesses available online to millions of Nigerian shoppers, is happy to announce the evolution of its trading platform.

This new offering which will be launching in the coming weeks will cater to the needs of not only big wholesalers/ retailers, but even the road side/ market traders as well as enterprising individuals across the country with amazing products but no hope of expansion or scaling.

This platform will revolutionise the way buyers and sellers interact, with a model that is more convenient for the seller and more attractive to the buyer. It will create unlimited opportunity for the Nigerian entrepreneur, small business owner or even large business owner; it will serve as the great equaliser/nation builder, boosting employment, trade and powering economic growth and development in Nigeria.

Today Konga is pleased to invite all Nigerian businesses – great or small, designer or farmer, producer or trader, sole proprietorship or limited liability, – to sign up to this new platform – Konga Marketplace. It will be opening up in the next few weeks. Konga will provide the tools, awareness and security for entrepreneurs and businesses across Nigeria who want to benefit from the immense benefits of expanding their businesses online.

To be a part of this revolution and receive valuable information, everyone can simply visit Konga Marketplace to pre-register. Regular information on how to maximise the opportunity, processing and validation will be done on the Konga marketplace in the weeks leading up to the big launch.


Pre-register to start selling on Konga


Originally posted 2014-02-17 17:28:47.