How to Optimize Your Blog for Social Media Discovery

Social media plays a big role on how successful your blog becomes. If you have not, you should make good use of social media to your profit. The truth is, if you don’t, your blog’s content will be lost in the maze and no one will find it. And when no one does, you get no traffic. And when you get no traffic, you get no conversion or sale. And when you get no sale, you get frustrated and you start going about telling people that it does not work.

If you want sales, conversion, traffic and buzz, then you need to do what you will read further below. If you do them, you are sure to get your blog noticed by social media users. Read through carefully and apply all that you will be informed about.


How to Optimize Your Blog for Social Media Discovery

To optimize your content, do the following;


1. Write Better Content Headlines

Your headlines need to be interesting and feed people’s curiosity, not simply focused on keyword density and repetitions. Good titling boosts clicks, especially from social networks like Twitter where users won’t see a blurb or image. For example, newspaper/magazine publishers have known for years that people love lists. This translates to digital, too: “The 9 Reasons People Don’t Live Long” will pull in audiences, even if you’re boxed out on Google for the keyword “live long.” Research shows that this increases your content’s discovery by 20%


2. Make Your Content Visual

Add an engaging thumbnail image representing your story. Just as photos draw people into content in newspapers and magazines, a great image goes a long way online. Now that sites like Facebook automatically pull in your thumbnail when people share your story, it’s more important than ever to designate engaging images in your page structure in order to capture audience attention from outside and within your site. Research shows that this increases your content’s discovery by 27%


3. Hold On to the Readers You Already Have

Use your page’s real estate wisely. We tend to focus on tactics for drawing new audiences into our content, but it’s equally important to think about how to ensure those people quickly find additional great reading material once they arrive. This means analyzing the real value you’re getting from each navigational device on the page. Are people using them and clicking deeper into your site? Or are you simply cluttering the page with links that have diminishing returns? Avoid the notion that you can spray paint your way to a work of art. If you’re not getting at least 1% engagement on a navigational module, junk it and keep the page clean. Research shows that this increases your content’s discovery by 40%


4. Create the Best Possible Content in the First Place

Write great, original posts. Easier said than done, of course. But now that content discovery is moving more and more into the hands of real people who are sharing it, recommending it and reading more of it once they come to your site, there’s a limit to how far you can get through re-purposed or aggregated content. Research shows that this increases your content’s discovery by 70%

After reading through the four tips, you should know that the tactics used to optimize for overall content discovery for social media continue to evolve. While making sure your content is well represented in search will always play a role, Search Engine Optimization should be seen as just one piece in a much larger puzzle. It’s now more important than ever to design your content for humans, not just crawlers. You should read through Make Money Online Nigeria for more post about social media optimization and social media marketing. You should also subscribe with us so you can get more updates about how to optimize your blog for social media discovery.


Originally posted 2013-02-20 21:00:21.