3 Simple Ways to Optimize Images in WordPress

One of method used to improve search engine rankings of blogs is to optimize images in your WordPress. This means, for every image you use in your WordPress, you will need to optimize them. This is so that the images can get you more traffic/visit from search engines and/or social media sites.

People love images but it won’t get them to your blog/website if you don’t optimize them. In this post, I will show you 3 simple ways with which you can easily optimize images in WordPress.

1. Use .jpgs and .gifs image format.
When using images on your WordPress, make sure you use .jpgs or .gifs as the file type before uploading. Doing this will help the images to load easily when people visits your blog. This reduces the loading time and increases the speed at which your blog will load.

2. Give the image a new related to the keyword.
Before upload the images to use in your WordPress post, make sure you name the image with a name related to the keyword of the post you are using the image for. And if your keyword is more than one word, you should separate them with dash (-). For example, optimize-images-in-wordpress.

3. Describe the alt text with the keyword.
When uploading an image to be used in WordPress post, WordPress gives an option to write something in the alt text. This is an opportunity for you to optimize the image for search discovery. Make sure you fill the alt text with a keyword similar to the post you are using the image in.

These are simple ways to optimize images in WordPress, if you do them every time you write a new post for your blog, you will keep improving the discovery of your blog via search engines and social media sites. And most importantly, use clear and captivating (but not nude) images in your WordPress post if you will.

There are other ways to optimize images in WordPress, if you know any that is not part of the 3 I stated in this post, please add them as comments on this post.

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