How to Order Items Online At Cheap Prices from Nigeria

Here, I will show you where and how to order items online (items ranging from Laptops, mobile phones, androids, clothing, jewelries, watches, computer accessories etc) at ridiculously cheap prices, and have it shipped to your Nigerian address.

To successfully order items online, you need some basic tools. These tools are the first thing you will need to get if you really want to order stuffs online for cheap prices. With this tools available at your disposal, you would be able to order items online at cheap prices

1. A means of making payment

You will need to have an accepted debit/credit card issued by Nigerian banks. There are many of them, I recommend Zenith Bank’s Buxz card or United Bank of Africa (UBA) Africard to order items online at cheap prices.

The cards can be gotten from any of the banks’ branch. You don’t need to be an account holder with the banks to apply for this card.

There is the personalized and the non-personalized versions of the debit cards. You should go for the non-personalized so you get it instantly upon applying.

All you need for the UBA Africard is a valid identity which should be either an international passport, drivers’ license or national ID card and a minimum of N500 (five hundred naira) or for free!

2. A Valid Home Address

You need to make sure the address you use as your shipping address is easily traceable. This is so that you would end up not receiving your ordered items online at cheap prices. This is very important. Though most courier companies would prefer to call you up to come pick up your item from their office.

For safe reasons, you can use your office address. Avoid using Post Office box as your address.

3. Where to Buy What You Need

There are so many websites that offer the opportunity to order items online at cheap prices. You just need to discover them one after the other. Most of them are looking for customers and they’ll gladly sell for you at a cheap prices.

Some of the websites are as follows;

- AliExpress
- DealExtreme
- iOffer
- ipMart/a>
- DealDey
- BringItBay
- SPECIAL MENTION: A2W Shopping (Note: You’ll need to use maven as A2W reference when registering an account on the shopping site)

(I’ll update this list as soon as I get to try more of these sites)

How to Make Money out of this!

You can start a mini importation business on some of the sites and make 3 or 4 times your startup capital. You can buy quality Android phones for less than N15,000 and sell for N40,000 to N50,000 to Nigerians. And you can sell over 10 pieces monthly

To do this, you’ll need to create a simple Facebook fan page with a good name, advertise it and get fans to it using Facebook ads, then sell to the fans of your page using simple status updates. If you are really serious, you’ll be doing sales of over 20 pieces monthly.


  • Ogbeifun E.

    Thank you for your good work online. I have been lucky to come across this before and presently in business. Can I contract the facebook fan page to you for a fee?

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      Good to know that you are in business now Ogeifun. The Facebook page? You’ll need to create it yourself using your Facebook account. When you need to get more fans, I can help you out on that

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