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Bank A + Bank B + Bank C Total Income Total For December 2013


Bank A GTbank December 2013 Total = N919,269

Bank B GTbank December 2013 Total = N565,659

Bank C Firstbank December 2013 Total = N399,727


Total Income in December, 2013 only

31 days  = N1,884,147



Here are Screenshots from my Infinix Alpha Phone showing

various SMS Alerts of these Income Deposits Payments and

my GTBank online banking screen of Bank B From This Business!





Click Here To See Full Income Statements Of

How I Made N1.8 Million in 31 Days In My Information Products Business

(Opens In A New Page Showing Bank Deposits and Email Alerts)



I WANT To Walk You Through My Exact Blueprint 
For Taking My 1 Employee Business To

Monthly In a 3-Day Easter Internet Business Bootcamp!


From: Onome Maureen 


Re: You have 4 FREE "Money-Making" Online Business Kits in a 3 DVDs worth N1,050,000 Reserved For You - All I Ask In Return Is A Chance To Meet With You At Lagos!



Dear N450k Monthly Income Friend,


If you have ever wished you could hire someone to SHOW You PRACTICALLY how to convert N50,000+ into a "Second Income" that keeps on producing an extra N350,000 - N500,000 (and even more) MONTHLY for you in the Fastest way...



...possible with peace of mind, this is going to be a very interesting piece of material for you to read.


First of all, my name is "Onome Maureen" and if you do not know me already, it's either you're new to the information products business and online money-making opportunities in Nigeria or you have been living under a rock.

Why did I say that? It's simply because I'm Nigeria's No. ONE Female Internet marketer. That is what I'm called and I have no intention of denying it. I own a network of websites that includes, and


(That's me - Onome Maureen delivering a Money-Making Seminar to Over 200 Attendees)

These websites make me hundreds of thousands of Naira round the clock. It doesn't matter if I'm sleeping, at church or  traveling. Money comes in all the time.

If you want to know more about me and my works, just go to and type in Onome Maureen.

I am a part-time information business entrepreneur and I am ready to SHOW You in a 3-Day Practical Intensive Online Business Workshop how I make a living selling information products both online and offline since 2008 from home.





Why You Should Listen to Me!

Made her First =N= One Million Naira on the Internet selling information products!

Featured on #1 Newspapers In Nigeria such as Success Digest Extra!

Gave her First =N= TWO Million Naira to God before the age of 30

CEO, Trillionet Resource Ltd registered with the CAC before the age of 30

Trained Over 5,000 Nigerians From 2008 Till Date via her ebooks, Videos, Seminars and Workshops.


Never had a Day-Job her entire life


Works from home and lives the type of life so many people dream of!


I will not really dwell too much on who I am because this letter is not about me because:

This Is About You!

For 3 SOLID Days during the upcoming Easter Public Holidays; Good Friday, April 18th, Saturday April 19th and Easter Monday April 21st, 2014 (10am to 4pm) each day...


...I will be sharing with 30 Smart Nigerians how I started a Legitimate information products business with just N50,000 and how I turned it into a Multi-Million Naira business empire and How You Can too!

I WILL be transferring all I know to You so that You Too Can Get Deposit Alerts into Your Bank Account like these:


Internet Business Income Proofs Starting Way Back

From 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014...




Year 2010 Income Proofs


Click Here to see when I was making just N60k - N100,000 Monthly!

(Opens in a new window)


Year 2011 Income Proofs


Click Here to see when I grew to making A consistent N250,000 Monthly!

(Opens in a new window)




Year 2011 Income Proofs


Click Here to see when I grew to making N1.3 Million Naira within 60 days!

(Opens in a new window)




Year 2012 Income Proofs


Click Here to see I grew to making N600,000 in ONLY

21 Days From My Info-Products Online Business!

(Opens in a new window)





Year 2013 February

Income Proofs


Click Here to see I gave =N=1 Million Naira to God in my church From My Internet Business!

(Opens in a new window)


Year 2013 May - June Income Proofs


Click Here to see How I made N500,000 Monthly!
(Opens in a new window)





Year 2013 December 2013 Income Proofs


Click Here to see I Almost made =N=2 Million Naira

During Christmas!
(Opens in a new window)



This Year 2014 February Income Proofs


Click Here to see I gave God

ANOTHER =N=1 Million Naira From My

Info-Products Business!
(Opens in a new window)




Every single day, money floods this account from people all over Nigeria who have never seen my face but who buy my information products in order to solve one problem or the other. Many times I make over =N=0.6 Million selling just one ebook in 20 days on the internet.

I am not saying all these to impress you. Far from it. I just want to PROVE to You making money online is possible for YOU and that ANYONE can really succeed just by selling information products and doing business online.

You do NOT need any special qualification. ALL YOU NEED is a Computer with an internet connection, your bank account, ability to type/send emails and THIS 3-Day Practical Workshop!


Would You Like to Discover How to Create And

Make Money From Simple Information

Products Like I Do On The Internet?


If your answer is YES, then I have good news for you...

The good news is that...

I wasn't born with the ability to
sell and make money from simple information products.


I LEARNT everything I now know about making money from selling information online and if I can learn it, you too can!

The question you are probably asking is:



If I Really Make That Kind of Amount of Money,

Why Would I Want To Share My Secrets

With Others?


That's a logical question and here's my answer:


You see... it just touches my heart when I see young, able-bodied men and women who look absolutely desperate for a better life with NO-ONE to help them...especially when HELP is a actually within their reach.


Few weeks ago while driving in the heavy traffic as usual, I kept on seeing elderly men in the 50's, 60's driving taxis trying to eke out a living for themselves.


And my heart just broke again.


These were men with grown up children in their 20's, 30's, 40's who are NOT able to cater for themselves let alone their old man. I mean why should such a man still be driving a taxi...trying to make money when he has children like you?


That drove my company's MISSIONS deeper into me and further strengthened my resolve to come out of my shell to "physically" show you LIVE how to make Crazy amounts of money using the advantage of the internet.




Infact, Here are our company's "Trillionet Resources Ltd"... MISSIONS:



Our company's mission is simple:


1st: To help 100,000 Nigerians to make their first N100,000 online

2nd: To help 10,000 Nigerians to FINALLY fire their boss

3rd: To help 1,000 Nigerians make 6 figures a Month

4th: To help 100 Nigerians become Internet Millionaires

I know these goals are kind of big for now and seem almost "unthinkable" and impossible BUT we have already starting achieving it. For example...



I have helped other Nigerians Just Like You Rake

In A Collective =N=1.7 MILLION Naira  from their

Internet Businesses


No, I'm not just talking off my head. It's the plain TRUTH.


Click Here To See How I Paid Over =N=1,700,000 To Other

Nigerian Internet Business People!

(Opens In A New Page Showing Bank Deposits and Email Alerts)



And that is why I want to meet with you LIVE and give you those FOUR "Money-Making" online business Gifts worth N1,050,000in a DVD directly into your hands during the Easter Public Holidays!


If I can make money using the internet, I am Sure You CAN as well. If those people I helped  make over N1.7 Million from their online businesses can do it, I am Sure You CAN as well.


Do you know that while others are crying and complaining of NO Jobs, NO Capital, NO Help, No Connections, and Bad Economy, you can start up a Part-Time Home-Based business on the Internet with a small amount of money and generate good steady income monthly?

It is a skill that CAN be learnt.


I am not all that special. Infact, I failed JAMB two times and did not use it to get into the university.


But I have discovered a proven system that consistently makes me money online month-by-month through the sales and promotion of 'How to' Information products and other products on the internet.



So How Exactly Do People Make Money Online?


I guess that is the question on your mind right now! You must be thinking it's all a scam, some yahoo-yahoo. WRONG!!! Well, I don't blame you for thinking that way, because I thought the same first time I heard about it. But mark my words: This Online Business has made MORE people Millionaires Faster than any other Business in the world.

I will show you LIVE PROOFS of Nigerian Internet Millionaires at this workshop and exactly how YOU too can do the same from home. For example sells galaxy tabs, phones, clothes on the internet. sells perfumes, handbags, shoes etc on the internet.



SLOTS with offices all over various states sells all manner of blackberries on the internet and but the FASTEST way to ANYBODY can make LOTS of money on the internet is to sell...


.... Information Products in form of ebooks using just an email address.


The amazing thing about info-products is you Create it Once and Sell it Forever!


You do not need lots of capital, you do not need a shop, you do not need experience, you can get started in a matter of weeks.


Infact, I have been selling products I created since 2008 effortlessly... because it is so easy ANYBODY can do it.





What My Students Say

"Good day ma, I had a lot of problems making any sales online despite reading lots of e-books which only added to my confusion.


Not until I came in contact with you.


You were that missing link to helping me make an extra source of income.


Today, I'm proud to say I am making money online through you.


Infact, the result I have gotten from your training is totally different from any other since I have been trying for so many years. God bless you ma"


Oni Olayinka Anthony
Ile-Ife, Osun State



If you are READY to have a 2nd source of income that puts an extra N350,000 - N500,000 Per Month Into Your Bank Account so you can build a multi-million Naira online business working

part-time from home, then I have good news for you and a WARNING:



You Must NEVER Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!
That is the ONLY Way to Guarantee You Never
Go Broke Again!


It happened to two friends - 6 years ago. Both went to same University. Studied the same course. Graduated and worked at the same company. They both worked really hard. Helped their company to grow into Billions of Naira. Then one sunny afternoon in April, their manager invited them to his office and asked them to sit down.

He looked at both of them. Disappointingly took a deep breath. And said to them both..."We have to let you go. You've been sacked, we're sorry".

After saying those words, the manager explained how the company is undergoing major cuts due to the recession, yearly loss and the competition in the market place. The news caught both young men unawares. But they reacted differently.

One man walks out of the office devastated. He barely heard anything the manager said thereafter. He knew he was doomed because he will not be getting any salary at the end of the month. He is angry. "How could this company treat me like this?"


He said repeatedly. He has to go home and tell his wife whom he promised to pay their children school fees that he'll not be able to do so again.

He is even more worried about paying his next rent that is due to expire three months from now. The second man walks out of the office, disappointed that he's been laid off. He loved the company.

He loved his colleagues.



But He is NOT Devastated that He Lost his Job!

He is NOT in anyway Worried...

He did not make the GREAT mistake that the first man made. He did NOT put all his eggs in one basket. He did NOT rely on ONE source of income. He knew it could dry out anytime.

He spent his time building a part time thriving online business that gave him a second monthly income. He started selling information products on the internet which made him MORE money than his salary without much extra work.

Now, l want you to ask yourself. Are you more like the first person or the second? If you are like the first guy, Then You Are Sitting On A Time Bomb, Waiting To Explode.

LISTEN: It's getting much harder and harder to live off your monthly income (for those that have one anyway) and it Will Get Even WORSE. That's not my prayer but it's just the economy BUT



The GOOD News:

"Attend My 3-Day PRACTICAL Internet Business

Money-Making Workshop And I Will Reveal To You


How to Create Your Own Internet Based Business

And Turn it Into Your Personal ATM Machine

That Pumps Out Money For You Non-Stop

on a Daily Basis"


Date: The 3 Easter Public Holidays; Good Friday, April 18th, Saturday April 19th and Easter Monday April 21st, 2014

Venue: Secret Location Revealed Only to Attendees

Time: 10am to 4pm each day



If At The End of the First Day You Are Not Over-Satisfied With The Secrets I'm Showing You On How You Can Make Hundreds of Thousands Of Naira, Just Let Me Know And I Will Do The Following...


 Return every kobo you paid for the event


 Return every kobo you paid for transportation. It doesn't matter where

you flew in from


 Return every kobo you spent on other logistics like hotel bills

 Offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time

Why Am I Making You Such A Crazy Offer?

Simple. Because I know you will be blown away with the money making keys I will be placing in your hands that all you will be thinking is getting out there to launch your own business.


I'm ready to REVEAL to 30 Nigerians my Secrets of Making Endless Cash Online!


Secrets like how I automate most of the tasks, so you can do it part-time, while earning a

Full-Time Income such that there is no way it won't make money for you. If you do it right, it will pump in money for you daily like a damaged ATM machine. 




But This Advanced Training Is NOT For Everyone!

So Who Is It For?

Frankly, my 3-Day LIVE Practical Training is NOT for everyone. It is only for people who don't want to waste anymore time or money to run their own N450,000 monthly business from home.  It is for people who are determined to start an online business that will improve their finances and are ready to work on it.

It is for people who believe that they have the potentials to learn something new, make more money, help their family and improve their lives.

You can be a student, nurse, lecturer, doctor, engineer etc. It really does not matter once you have the desire to learn and succeed.

However, this bootcamp is not for you if you are looking to waste other people's time and if you are the lazy type who is looking to make a bunch of money without investing any effort.

But How Am I Sure This Is Not a Scam?

Most of the people who ask this question definitely do not know what a scam looks like. This is not a scam but if it resembles one to you, then that means it is clearly not for you.

If you have seen all the proofs on this page and this still looks like a scam to you, then you should leave this page immediately. Period!

Just to verify what this training is worth, here are what people are saying about me and my trainings:

















Actually, the above are just a small sample of what tens of other people are saying about me because at the bottom of this page there are more. But before that...



Last Year 2013, For The First Time Ever In 5 Years

I Had A Super Internet Business Bootcamp And Again Here Is A Small Sample Of What Past Attendees Said...


You see, I'm naturally a reserved person and this has been the reason why since 2008 when I began my internet business  I NEVER had a group coaching until August last year. And we had

over 35 people participate in it


For those 2 solid days, I dished out ALL my secrets of building a Multi-Millionaire internet business empire, working from home without a single staff.


I then went a step further by Video Recording the 2-Day Event using one of the Best Video Camera Equipments used by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase team - Publisher Success Digest Extra newspaper.


But why I'm I telling you this?


I desire to personally Hand You a FREE Copy of that 2013 2-DVD Video recording of my previous 2-Day event as a Thank You for being with me Live during the Easter Public Holidays.

(SECRET: It's not for everyone but keep reading to see how to grab your Free copy)


And so here are exactly what my past attendees said about the 2013 IM bootcamp....






Here Are More Success Stories Of My

Current Students "Already" Making Money Online




What My Students Say



"I made my first N271,188 on the internet, thanks to your coaching.


I couldn't believe it! It really strengthened me to know that the future is bright after your training."


Adekunle Kazeem,Ile-Ife,










What My Students Say



"Hello my mentor and Coach, when I first saw this online business program, I thought you will be like other Nigerian internet marketer that will only give you much e-book to read without results.

But with you, the case is different. I made my first N57,500 online through this program.

Now I believe the jinx has been broken.

I can't thank you enough ma. God bless..."

Omotayo Adegbuyi
Ota, Ogun State



What My Students Say



"Madam, I have never seen you physically before but I have proven you are completely honest. I always had the fear of being duped online knowing that nothing good comes so

Now I know better. You have cleared all my doubts because it is not easy find a trust worthy fellow again nowadays.

So I registered to prove you wrong like others.
And so when i made my first income i couldn't believe myself. I was so happy. When I received the bank alert, the email alert
of my comissions sent to my bank account
, I knew of a truth I can do this online business and succeed. God bless you ma for being faithful to your words"


Ndifreke Edet



What My Students Say



"Before I met Maureen, I didn't really know were to start from. As a student, i had money problems.


I didn't want to depend on my parents for my daily expenses and so I continually searched for the easiest and fastest business to do online which will not disturb my studies.

So far I have made almost N100,000 from my online business. WOW! Maureen made my dream come true.

Apart from the website and blog, the training I've received from her are just superb because not all coach do this and still give extra life training following up to his/her subscriber I feel good about your training keep it up ma."

Samuel Henry
University of Ibadan




Now you have seen the countless proofs of myself and others, you have read their testimonies!


The question now is...


"Are You READY?"


Are you ready to make more money so that you can live more comfortably?



Are you ready to make more money so that you can take better care of your family?

Are you ready to make more money so that you can have enough capital to create more businesses that you want?

Are you ready to stop relying on a monthly pay slip that is almost never enough?


Are you ready to stop depending on other people and become someone that others look up to for support?


Click Here To Reserve Your Seat And Register Immediately


If your answer is YES, then in this underground, never-before-seen Workshop, I am going to take you

by the hand and reveal my guaranteed secrets that will TURN you into a master at creating

a Multi-Millionaire Internet business empire.



Infact, Let Me Share Some Of Those Secrets

With You Now:

How I turned N50,000 into N500,000 and then into One Million Naira within a short period of time


  Why information sells online and how you can tap into the goldmine by creating your own information products in 30 minutes or less... without writing!


  I will reveal a DIRT CHEAP way of setting up an online business that will start pouring in cash for you in a few weeks


  The 3 BEST-Selling information products you should create to make you hundreds of thousands of Naira online


  How to Set Up A Website that will Make You Money On A Daily Basis as simple as ABC


  Why most people will NEVER make money online and what you must do to separate yourself from them


  The secrets of creating powerful sales letters like that sell your products like gangbusters

  How to Test if your Internet business idea will make you money. This will almost eliminate your chances of failure. It will save you time and money.

That Is Just The Beginning...

  The 2 Most Powerful ways to promote your business online and how to take your Offline business to the Internet


  Discover my secret website traffic generation techniques to get buyers to buy your products online like they are starving for water on a hot desert. Do not spend a kobo on advertising before you see this


  How to build a list of Hyper Responsive Buyers who will buy from you over and over again and even beg you to sell to them when you have nothing to sell


  LIVE Case Study of How I built a list of 2,500 Facebook Fans and subscribers in 24hrs using Facebook


  How to generate LIFETIME Profits with One simple Skill.



 WAIT! There Is Still More!


  LIVE Practical on how to place a Facebook Advert for your business�whether offline business or online.


  How to turn your pen and paper into cash. Virtually OVERNIGHT!


  How to make your first internet sale in 30 days or Less


  Why I almost quit Internet marketing and why I didn't quit eventually...


  The UGLY truth about online surveys, data processing, paypal, clickbank, paid to read emails programs etc


  How to get your Complete Internet Business SETUP for you with 90% of the work already done. You only do 10% and get PAID monthly Guaranteed.

And lots more that I cannot reveal here.

This is the best investment you are going to make this year. There is no doubts about it. Attend this

3-day Super Internet Business Bootcamp and ALL your Financial Worries will be OVER!




 And Now Here's How To Get A FREE Copy Of The DVD Video Recording Of The 2013 Super Internet Business Bootcamp!


When you invest to register for this "Ultra-Advanced Super Internet Business and Information Products Business" Bootcamp ON or BEFORE Monday, March 31st 2014 you also get a FREE Copy of my Not-Yet-Released "2013 Edition 2-DVD Video recording in a 2-DVD set" which will...


... show you as you watch behind-my-shoulders ALL the secrets of building a

Multi-Millionaire internet business empire which I shared with over 35 participants.


This is a RARE Bonus. I call it The CATEGORY #1 BONUS!


This Special RARE Bonus Disappears Immediately On Monday March 31st At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get These Not-Yet-Released

2-Day DVD Videos


Unfortunately It is NOW:



20 EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL BONUSES When You Register ON Or BEFORE Friday April 4th, 2014

I know you can not wait to attend this bootcamp but I want to even sweeten the deal for you by giving you an additional CATEGORY #2 BONUS; If you are among the First 20 People that will Act FAST and secure your seat for this program On or Before April 4th, 2014 you will be entitled to the following CATEGORY 2 Super Exclusive BONUSES:

Super Bonus No 1: My Personal Business Critique. Value: N75,000

Here's what my personal business critique means. After you start your business, I will take a look at your business and advise you on what to add and remove. I will do this until you start profiting.

Super Bonus No 2: Access To All My Choice Internet Marketing Products. Value: N250,000

I sell lots of Internet marketing products online. Products that teach various topics from Website design to List building to Blogging. If you are to buy them individually, their value is worth N250,000 but you get them FREE if you secure your seat today. See some of those products out of many more ...



  Super Bonus No 3: You Become My Joint Venture Partner.

Value: N500,000

I will make you a co-owner of one of my products. That means that any money we make on it, we share it 55-45. If I make N1.1 Million Naira from it, that means you pocket N500,000.

  Super Bonus No 4: My Information and Internet Marketing Rolodex: Value: N75,000

Over time, I have bought many Internet marketing ebooks and softwares that have helped me build my business to this level. I am going to compile them and put on a blockbuster DVD Rom for you. Learning from and swiping these materials alone can make you rich.


  Super Bonus No 5: Five Brand New, Smoking HOT Information Products
Business In A Box Packages. Value: N150,000

Over time, I have bought many Internet marketing ebooks and softwares that have helped me build my business to this level. I am going to compile them and put on a blockbuster DVD Rom for you. Learning from and swiping these materials alone can make you rich.


THAT'S RIGHT!! You are going to get Not 1 Or 2, But 5 (Yes, Five) Profit-Pulling Business In A Box Packages, And Make Handsome Profits Selling These Products As Your Own without writing a single word!

All these SUPER Bonuses Are NOW:






You Are Covered By Onome Maureens No Bull, No Questions

Asked, NO RISK, Iron Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee


Attend my Internet and Information Online Business Workshop and if you are not

150% satisfied with what I'm teaching you

If you do not believe you can get 10, 20 even 50 times your investment back (or more) in almost effortless earnings. If the information is not dead-simple and if you do not think this is the BIGGEST bargain in money making...

Just let me know at the end of Day 1 and I will refund the money you paid and offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time. Not only that, I will ask you to KEEP the Bonuses for wasting your time.

How is that for taking all the risk? You NO Longer have an Excuse for not making ALL the money you want.

So How Much Is This 3-Day Workshop Going

To Cost You?

I can hear you ask?

Before I tell you, let me point out some important things to you.

The value of the Bonuses You Will Be Getting is N1,050,000
You'll be learning first hand from a respected Information and Internet marketer
I will personally make sure you succeed with your business
I will offer you Lifetime Support. I normally charge N25,000 per session so you can imagine the worth of this

You will be learning from me with 30 other people for 3 FULL DAYS with All Comfort, Writing Materials and Lunch. This is NOT going to be a crowded seminar...



Just 30 People Will Be Admitted So That Will

Give You The Chance To Interact

With Me One-On-One.

I WILL be showing you the inner workings of my own businesses. The same ones that

Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Akin Alabi, Efe Imiren, Joe Okoro, Toyin Omotosho and other Nigerians currently use to bank HUGE paydays.


We will not be talking theories at all. We will be talking about strategies I'm currently using to make money online so you can them right away.

And of course I will be giving you those Fantastic BONUSES!

Click Here To Reserve Your Seat And Register Immediately



Think About This For A Moment...


You and I Know There Are A Lot Of Jobless

Graduates Out There Right Now!


While browsing on nairaland, I saw this heart cry...


Some of them studied courses like...Agric Science, French, Linguistics, MicroBiology, Computer Science, Botany and EVEN Medicine!

Can You Guess the Average Amount These Graduates

Spent to Get That Degree?

Or what about the various professional courses that people pay as high as N65,000 - N300,000 to enroll for but are never taught anything about making money for themselves like some of the ones below:



I am just making these references so that you can have a good idea of what you are getting here. You are getting an Advanced and Proven Course that will show you how you can make good money yourself online without any employee or some huge capital.



So if I tell you to pay N250,000 for this, we both know that it is worth far more than that.

But you won't be paying N100,000, even though I'm justified by that amount.

You won't even be paying N50,000 as well.

In order to ensure that as many serious-minded people get access to this Once-This-Year ONLY powerful training, I have decided to fix the registration price at a low cost of N35,000 only for now.


Your Special Discount

At Only N35,000 TODAY



You only need to invest just N35,000 on or before April 17th, 2014 to be a part of this 3-Day seminar but that is if you hurry because thousands of people are reading this and only 30 seats are available.


This Offer CLOSES Finally At Midnight on Thursday, April 17th


Can't Attend The Seminar?

Get the 2014 3-Set DVD VIDEOS Of The Bootcamp and Get the 2013 Edition Of The

2-Set DVDs Of The Bootcamp FREE....



At Only N35,000 TODAY



The question is: WILL YOU BE AMONG THE LUCKY 30?




Registration for the 3-Day Practical Super Internet Business Bootcamp is straightforward and simple. There are just 3 steps to secure your seat for this seminar:


Step 1: Send an SMS with your *Reserve-IM-Bootcamp: adeulu + Name + GSM No + Email Address + Date You are Paying* to 08039307316

Step 2: Pay N35,000 On or BEFORE April 17th, 2014 into any of our accounts below:

Bank #1: GTBank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 001 141 4820

OR Bank #2: First Bank
Account Name: Trillionet Resources
Account Number: 201 6750 487

Step 3: After payments, do just one simple thing:


Send an EMAIL payment notice to ([email protected]) with the SUBJECT of your email saying: Paid for (adeulu) Internet Business Bootcamp


The BODY of the Email should contain the following:



Amount paid:


Your Full Names:



- Email address:
- GSM number:


Bank Name You Paid To:


Depositors Name/Transfer Name:


Date Paid:


Attending the Bootcamp or paying for DVD:


Teller number/Transfer Name/Ref:


(Do not worry, once you pay and send this notification, you will get a Confirmation Email Notice after confirmation of payments in 24 to 48 hours and Seminar/Venue details will be sent to you IMMEDIATELY)


You can also call me anytime between 4pm - 6pm Mon � Fri on 0803 930 7316 to notify me of your payment. Once you do that, all you need to do is to show up on the seminar day with your payment teller or transfer slip.


Your DVDs will be delivered to you AFTER The 2014 IM Bootcamp!

NOTE: Paying at the venue will NOT be allowed. And if you choose to pay N35,000 a day to the event, the only problem with this option is that you will only get a seat IF we still have unfilled seats. But I'm certain the 30 seats would have been taken before the date.



Alright, let's conclude this...

Have you ever felt at a point in your life when you feel so helpless with your situation?

I am talking about situations where you are probably in a mess and you have no idea how to get out of it. Most times, its usually FINANCIAL mess!

I am talking about NEEDING money to do "things"...and NOT having it!


Such situation, can make a man/woman helpless. It can cause DEPRESSION.


It can reduce SELF ESTEEM by a higher degree.

It can cause RIPPLES in marriage. It can DECREASE a sense of purpose.

Yes, the Bible was right that MONEY answers all things!

Someone famous said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result".

Are you satisfied with the income results you have achieved so far this year? If you're not, why don't you try something different? It is about how you can bullet proof yourself from the harsh economic climate in Nigeria...

It is about how you can make extra money for yourself so you can live a better life. It is about how you can sack your boss if you're tired of your job. I look forward to seeing you on the D-day where you will discover my N350,000 - N500,000 per month online business secrets.

Your Friend,
Onome Maureen


P.S: You need MORE than one source of income in 2014! I'm so confident this training WILL make you money that I'll give you 100% of your money back if you don't like it. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

P.P.S: Remember our facility can only seat 30 people comfortably so you need to reserve your seat NOW to attend and get more details about the 3-Day PRACTICAL Internet Business Workshop by sending an SMS immediately with *Reserve-IM-Bootcamp: adeulu + Name + GSM No + Email Address + Date You are Paying* to 08039307316

P.P.P.S: Thousands of people are reading this on the internet, newspapers and on fliers so there is going to be a rush BUT...



P.P.P.S: Once you MISS this Workshop, that is it. That's it for this year!


I am NOT doing any other training this Year and my 4-day PRIVATE One-on-One with me costs N180,000



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