How to Pay Online with PayPal Nigeria

Now that you have a PayPal account opened with your Nigerian IP address and verified with your Nigerian bank account card, the next thing to do is to buy online with your PayPal. The essence of owning a PayPal account is to use it to pay online for products and services. As you may have known, PayPal is used for payment services. In this post, you will find out what you need to do to pay online with PayPal Nigeria.

To pay online with PayPal Nigeria (PayPal account opened and verified with a Nigerian bank), first you need to be able to know what you want to pay for and if the site offers PayPal as one of their payment means. In essence, you will checkout with PayPal in a few clicks. Check out simply and more securely at thousands of online stores with just your PayPal email address and password. You don’t need to type in your card details every time you pay.

In three steps, you shop around the world from your computer or mobile; Checkout quickly with a simple login and then complete your order by making payment with your PayPal. You can pay online with PayPal Nigeria and buy from thousands of merchants around the world. Currently, PayPal accept 26 currencies from 193 countries and markets. And, you don’t have to worry about currency.

Ways to pay online with PayPal Nigeria.

Make sure you add a card to your PayPal account, and simply login with your email address and password whenever you’re buying something online. Shop with peace of mind, your eligible purchase is protected by PayPal. If it doesn’t show up, or shows up different than described, PayPal will help sort things out with the seller.

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When you use your cards to pay online with PayPal Nigeria, they work just the same, but you don’t have to enter the details every time. Just add a card to your account and pay faster and more securely from your computer or mobile. When you purchase with PayPal Nigeria there are no hidden costs or processing fees, so you can enjoy your shopping. However, currency conversion fees may apply. This is because you may be converting from Naira to other currencies like Pounds, Euro, Dollar etc


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