The Power of WordPress

There is no doubt that I love WordPress. I am also becoming a WordPress Ninja gradually. This is because I have failed at administering wordpress countless of times. In my failure, I have learned a lot. I am also learning more everyday. In a couple of months, you might see Make Money Online Nigeria’s branded WordPress themes and wordpress plugin in WordPress library.

Before then, please take a look at the WordPress info graphics below. It contains what you need to know about WordPress. It also contains why WordPress is a powerful blogging platform you should use for your blogging business. The truth is, you can also use it for any website design and development.

What I want to share is this;

Power of WordPress

The above picture was gotten from and it shows WordPress timeline since May 2003. It is a pictural explanation of the power of WordPress. WordPress has definitely made blogging easy. It is free to use and it provides unique and excellent functionality.


Originally posted 2010-12-20 15:10:09.