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The Most Powerful AutoBlogging Software You Need to Have/Get

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Attention: If you do not know how to make good money from Google Adsense or you don’t have much time working hard on your blog, you need to pay attention to this. In a little while, you would be getting to know about a software that will help you blog automatically whether you are online or offline. This is so easy, even a school kid (primary, secondary and university) can make use of this. This software is a must have if you want to make Adsense income on autopilot.

Before I go ahead, this information is for the lazy people who cannot devote their time and energy to making good income online. I don’t even know why I am posting this here. Anyway, if you are the lazy type, please read ahead. If you consider yourself as someone who is ready to work hard and earn serious money online, please read some other post on Make Money Online Nigeria.

Okay, for the people who wants to automate their adsense income. Please read this special newsletter that is guaranteed to make you $150/Day if you use this information rightly. Google™ has a special program called Adsense™ which allows anyone with a blog or a website to make money, quickly and easily.

In short, this is how it works: An advertiser pays google to display their ad on blogs. As a publisher, you give permission for Google to display those ads on your blogs. When someone, as your blog’ visitor, clicks on those ad, Google pays you a share on what they get from the advertiser. This is the program that actually makes Google “Billion dollars” every year.

What if a software could do all the hard work in updating all your (ALL YOUR) blogs on auto-pilot and you could just sit back, relax and collect the cash? “Even if you’ve got no paid blogs like WordPress already or don’t plan to invest in a domain name or whatsoever, the software can still help you with free Blogger.com blogs!

The autoblogging software currently sells for regular price $97 (N15,520). If you act fast in the next few days, you would get the software at a cheaper rate from me. The software is plug and play software that is legal and loved by Google because its uses feeds in updating your free blogger.com‘s blog and catapults it.

This is the best time for you to earn from Google Adsense even if you are a busy man or woman, students, newbie or noobs. If you’ve been looking for a better way to earn from the internet on autopilot. This set up and forget auto blogging software is for you. Just within three minutes of set up, you start seeing instant and great results.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much will i use for the entire setup?
Answer: You don’t need to spend any dime after getting this software from me.

2. Does it work on other blogs?
Answer: No! It currently support free blogger.com and WordPress blogs only.

3. Is is a Bot, and do i have any risk of loosing my Adsense account
Answer: It’s not a bot, it’s legal and loved by Google and you won’t risk loosing your Adsense account.

To Order for this Autoblogging Software and make it yours, pay into any GTBank near you using the details below.

1. Make payment into
Account Name: Adegbulu Adesoji J
Account No: 0041679673
Account Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

2. After payment, send your name, email address and payment details to 08069049993 or 08072694215

How Much Does the Software Cost?

It cost’s the following;

If you are paying between April 22nd – April 30th 2011, you would get it for N 1, 000. If you are paying between May 1st – May 14th 2011, you would get it for N 2, 000. If you are paying between May 15th – May 28th 2011, you would get it for N 3, 000. If you are paying anyday after May 2011, you would get it for N 5, 000.

So hurry Now!

After making payment (based on the day), send/text Autoblogging Software, teller number, Name and your email address to 08069049993 or 08072694215. If you are reading this on a public holiday, which means banks are closed, you can still get the software. What you need to do is to send/text the equivalent payment recharge card voucher number, Autoblogging Software, teller number, Name and your email address to either 08069049993 or 08072694215). The software will be sent to your email address in 2-3 hours after confirming your payments.

So act fast and don’t waste time with this. This Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software is a MUST have for you.

To your Success

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