List of Pregnancy Test Smartphone Apps

Not sure what to expect when you’re expecting? Your smartphone can help. You will find the list of pregnancy smartphone apps you can use to conduct a self-pregnancy test. Pregnancy apps are a blooming niche. A search on the Android app store Google Play and the iPhone App Store produced over 1,000 results. ByteMobile, a research firm that anonymously sources data traffic statistics from the 3G and 4G networks, meaning they monitor actual usage activity of mobile users worldwide, released its first quarter 2013 Mobile Analytics Report in February. According to the report, on average, 47 percent of total mobile subscribers using one or more health app are using a pregnancy-related app.

There are apps for monitoring your baby bump, apps that provide check lists to help with “baby brain,” apps that provide a list of foods that are pregnancy no-no’s. There is even an app that will morph photos of you and your partner’s faces together to show what your baby might look like.

Disclaimer: Most pregnancy apps are created just for fun and are not approved or sponsored by medical professionals. Always raise any and all questions or concerns about your pregnancy with your doctor.

Here are the list of pregnancy test smartphone apps. You can search for them on Google Play for Android phones or on Apple Store for iOS phones.


- My Pregnancy Today, Free for Android
- Period Tracker, Free for Android and iPhone
- Kindara Fertility, Free for iPhone
- BabyBump Pregnancy, Free for Android and iPhone
- Pregnancy/Sprout, Free for iPhone
- BabyBag, Free for iPhone
- I’m Pregnant, Free for Android
- Contraction Timer, Free for Android
- Contraction Monitor, Free for iPhone

Source – ABC News