Prepare or Perish

Hello world, I got this from my network and I decided to share it with you all. It’s very true that your network determines your net worth. I am very proud of the network I belong to. I strongly recommend my network to people who want to matter in life. I recommend it to people who wants to be referred to as MAD simply because they are Making A Difference. Do you wanna be MAD? Read ahead!

I am not a great fan of motivating by fear, but research if you must, the worst of the global depression, recession or economic downturn is yet to happen. All we have witnessed so far, is a foretaste and merely a dress rehearsal of what is impending. If you think that the banks have laid off it’s employees, then wait for what is coming. If you think the stock market has crashed and there is a downturn, you hang on and hold on tight.

The worst is not over yet! Ireland is currently experiencing food shortage, Greece is broke and world economies are not exactly facing their greatest days. People that cry peace, when the future is bleak and far from at ease are called false prophets. It is important to warn you, that the times are not evenly set, and there is change in the seasons sufficient to cause panic.

The good news however is, there is a way out! The great news is when things are rough and the terrain unpredictable, it’s a bad time for many, and a good time for some. The exciting news is when darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people, it’s a good time to shine. The good news, is you are getting this mail because you are already positioned for one of the greatest wealth transfer opportunities on earth.

Think about it, you are already learning to have the consciousness of making savings on every transaction, you are already positioned to generate multiple streams of income, and what more you are also plugged in to an opportunity to invest and make exciting returns on your investment. It’s good news that you are positioned, the question is what are you doing with your position?

Don’t let naysayers deceive you, don’t settle for the counsel of poor people with poor perspectives. Watch out for the clothes of the one that recommends you a tailor. Take counsel from people heading in the direction of your dreams. Don’t give up before your night dawns. Don’t hunt for get rich quick. The short cut is still the wrong cut. If it’s going to last, it’s going to take time to build. Stay with it, and welcome with me, into the best season of our lives!

Prepare. . . don’t perish!

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Originally posted 2010-11-23 14:52:24.