My Previous Guest Posts on Other Blogs

I find it very important to make available the list of guest posts I have written in the past. Though I can’t really figure out all of my guest post out but I am here to share with you some of the guest posts I find very efficient. Please, go though this update and also go to the sites where the guest posts are published. I’ll appreciate it if you can make comments on them.

These are the guest posts and the dates they were published…

- You Really Want to Make More Money Blogging? Why?!

- 7 Keys to Getting More Facebook Fans for your Facebook Page

- 5 Reasons Why People Suck at Website Flipping :: 2010/10/21

- Why Do You Read Daily Blog Tips?

- Google Quality Score And PPC Marketing :: 2010/08/01

- How to Make Thousands of Dollars Manipulating the Media :: 2010/07/30

- How To Make Your Website Google Friendly :: 2010/06/25

- How To Make Money Online With YouTube :: 2010/05/28

- The 4 Habits Of Highly Effective Bloggers :: 2010/05/25

- Blogging is NOT all about Making Money :: 2010/04/21

- How to Auto Tweet your blog Post using Google Feedburner :: 2010/04/02

- Blogging Lessons From TechCrunch and Mashable :: 2010/03/17

- BuddyPress: Build a Community with WordPress :: 2010/03/17

- Why Did You Start Blogging? :: 2010/02/24

- How to Profit with Google Wonder Wheel :: 2009/12/27

- 7+ Facebook Applications You Must Use :: 2009/09/10

If you would like me to do series of guest posts for your blog, you should contact me using the comment box provided below. I will reply you as soon as possible so we could get things started. Please have it in mind that I have some requirements I’ll be looking out for. I’ll be expecting to read from you.