Professional WordPress Services for Nigerian Bloggers

If you are looking to start your problogging career, it would be a smart decision to set up your business blog with a Content Management System WordPress provides. WordPress is used by so many blogs simply because you can achieve so many things with it. You are not limited to what you can do with WordPress except if you choose not to. In this post you will find out about the Professional WordPress services we offer Nigerian bloggers who wants to use WordPress.

We offer the following Professional WordPress Services for Nigerian Bloggers

WordPress Setup

To help you build your blog on WordPress platform, below are some of the service we offer for your WordPress website setup:

Basic Setup

wordpress-logo- We give relevant advice on the purchase of domain name and web hosting.
- We offer WordPress themes for free.
- We upload, install and configure all the required plugins.
- We create email addresses for you.
- We make the theme ready for AdSense and other banner advertising.

To find out more details, please read our Make Money Online Nigeria WordPress Blog Setup and Maintenance Services.


WordPress SEO Services

We abide strictly to the rules of authentic Search Engine Optimization. We always use the method of organic traffic and white hat SEO. We understand how search engines works and we also know what search engines wants. Below are some of what we offer in our WordPress SEO service:

- Through Skype we offer one hour of SEO consulting, which include keywords recommendation, link building and also strategies for article writing.
- We install and configure the best SEO plugins for WordPress. purpose.
- We install content delivery network (CDN).
- We add XML and HTML sitemaps.
- We register your site with Google webmaster central which gives insights and also suggestions about your Google search performance.
- We also configure permalinks for your site along with other important WordPress settings.
- We enable breadcrumb navigation.


Other WordPress Services

- Coaching/Consulting
- Theme Customization
- WordPress theme (template) creation
- Custom WordPress theme design
- Migration from other blogging systems to WordPress
- WordPress server and domain migration
- WordPress theme (template) implementation
- WordPress upgrades
- WordPress MU installation
- WordPress Security Audits

To get started, simply contact us using the form below. Make sure you state explicitly what you require. We would reply you with a quote related to the Professional WordPress services you require.


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