How to Profit with Google Adsense as A Nigerian

Google Adsense continues to be perhaps the most popular and the most widespread form of monetizing a blog or a website. With the right combination of content and placement, you can earn a great deal of money from Adsense, and you can do so knowing you can trust a huge company such as Google to pay you what you’re owed, and to pay you on time. Here’s a quick guide on how to profit with Google Adsense and how you can get started immediately.

How to Profit with Google Adsense as A Nigerian

The first thing you’ll have to decide is whether you want your Adsense ads to be targeted to the individual user’s browsing history, or to your own content. If you have a website with a great deal of traffic and tons of unique visitors, or you cover a lot of diverse topics, then ads targeted to the visitor can be extremely successful and can result in high click through rates.

However, for most people developing niche websites and smaller blogs, matching your ads to your content is the better choice. In this way the ads will be directly relevant to whatever it is that you’re talking about, whether that’s bird feeders for your backyard or new computer monitors or anything else. You know people visiting your website will be interested in these things, and the ads should therefore be very successful. If you want this style of ads, then be sure to opt out of the appropriate categories within your Adsense account, since user-based ads are now the default.

A huge step to profit with Google Adsense is learning how and where to place your ads. The more prominent the ads are on your website, the more clicks they will receive, and it really can be that simple. That means that large ads on the top of your page, big blocks of ads on the top of your sidebars and so forth are the ideal locations for your ad placements.

You should also take a quick minute to customize your ad based on the look and style of your website. If the ad matches the colors of your website, your click through rate will be substantially higher. Additionally, selecting the largest fonts and font sizes available will also generally raise your click through rate and therefore help you to earn more money.

Don’t forget that as with most areas of online marketing, it all boils down to research. It’s relatively easy to lookup the cost of Adwords ads which are displayed on websites. In doing so, you can quickly turn up some very profitable ideas for niche websites and blogs built around the keywords and categories that you found. The range of prices can be vast, from cents per click to tens of dollars per click, and if you can find these expensive categories and exploit them then you will earn more money.

This has just been a quick guide to profit with Google Adsense, but using these basic strategies you should be able to significantly increase your earnings with this advertising network. Most webmasters should opt out of user-targeted ads in place of content-targeted ads, and remember that research and proper ad placement and design are both crucial to your success.