5 Profitable Reasons to Start a Successful Blog

Millions of blogs by Nigerian authors are online today. So many blogs are started everyday with the aim of turning it into a money making tool. This is not a bad idea. It becomes bad when you don’t really have a real purpose to start your blog. The difference between most blogs and the select few that attract huge followings is based on the reason why they are started.

Here the profitable reasons to start a successful blog.


Build a Business

successful-blogA blog is not a business. It is one of the fantastic platforms to build a business. You can use a blog to build the kind of flexible business you can run on your terms from anywhere in the world. You should consider starting a blog so as to build your business. In simple terms, business is a process of buying and selling. Do you have a product or a service to render? Start a blog for that.

Get your dream job

Are you unemployed and looking for a job? One way to get the job you dream of is to start a blog about the skills you have. In addition to searching for your dream job, start a blog and demonstrate your expertise and passion for the job you want. You could also add your blog’s URL on your CV so that you employers can get to know more about your expertise.

Start a Cause

You can start a blog to support a cause you believe in. You can start a blog to start a movement you are passionate about. If the cause/movement is what people find interesting, you will be running a successful blog.

Connect with People Worldwide

One other reason to start a successful blog is to start a blog which you can use to connect with lots of people worldwide. This can be a personal blog where you share your experience and learnings. Start the blog, connect with people and in some time, you will be running a successful blog.

Explore Your Creativity

Your blog can bring a perfect place to explore your creative side. Writing, video, podcasting, graphics… a blog can be the central hub of your creations. You can start a blog where you just want to learn new things and put them into practice. I have seen a lot of successful blog in this line. You too can start yours.

Launch a Writing Career

Do you have a knack for writing? You can start a blog to launch your writing career. I know so many writers who are are using blogs to launch their writing careers, build followings and earn a living. You too can start a blog for your writing career.

Do you have a successful blog? You might want to share with other readers the reason why you started your blog and how it has been successful so far. Feel free to drop a comment further below and please add the link to the blog you are referring to.

If you need help with starting a successful blog, you can also contact me and I’ll assit you in getting this done.


Originally posted 2014-01-31 08:00:08.

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    What you have mentioned here are very much profitable but I have not been getting much support in the area of traffic, and I understand that traffic is the key. I have read so much about driving traffic but it has not been easy. I need help in this area.

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji Adegbulu

      Hi Juliana, what have you done about the so much you have read about driving traffic?