How to Make Profitable Use of Social Media Sites

Instead of wasting your time on social media sites, you can start making profits from them. Yes, it’s time you hopped on the social media bandwagon. Over 75% of consumers use social media in some format to learn about products and services…so unless your target market is clearly not using social media, you can’t afford to miss out on the action. But before we get into the details, you must remember this one thing: don’t sell on social media. Social media is about you becoming a part of the community. Companies who try to sell on social media are usually met with harsh responses. Concentrate on getting your name out there and building your likability and expertise. You’ll be able to sell them later from your website.

Getting started in social media isn’t as daunting as it may seem at first. There are a few simple things you can do to make a splash in the online community.


1.You should start and maintain a blog.

Blogs are easy to create and easy to maintain – you don’t even need to consult a webmaster. One of the easiest tools to use is WordPress. We can help you set up and maintain your blog with less that N 30, 000. If you need this, you should check our post on WordPress Blog Setup and Maintenance and then contact us as soon as possible.

Once you set up your blog, it’s time to start creating content. Content can be anything you want it to be – but it should obviously be relevant to your target audience. Some suggestions for blog posts include:

• Industry-specific tips
• Special offers/new product features
• Book reviews
• Tutorials and how-to’s
Interviews with employees, customers or partners
• Giveaways, contests, surveys

Encourage your readers to interact through questions, comments or feedback. If they leave a comment, be sure to respond to them – everyone likes to be noticed. It is also important to contribute to your blog regularly (at least once a week). This will ensure that your content is fresh and that your visitors keep coming back. Keep it consistent, and keep it real. Other than that, just have fun with it!


Get a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account

Each of these services will get your brand more exposure and allow you to communicate with prospects and customers. They are all free, easy to set up and widely used. There are many different social media options once you get your feet wet, but focus on these three services to get started.

Once you set up the accounts, get active! Start posting links to your blog, your website or to other related stories that you come across. If you get responses/messages from customers, respond to them quickly. It doesn’t take much to stay on top of the social media scene once you get set up.

If you’d like to consolidate your social media dashboard, consider using a service like Hootsuite. You can keep tabs on all of your accounts, schedule updates ahead of time and even monitor conversations about your brand.

Can you imagine a dinner party where everybody only told their own stories, but never responded to others? The conversation might sound like this: “I went to Europe last week.” “I got a new car.” “My wife had a baby.” “Dinosaurs are cool.” Hopefully you haven’t been to any dinner parties like that. Social media shouldn’t be any different than a good dinner party – conversations should develop, expand, educate and entertain. That means that you have to become involved. The best way to engage in meaningful conversations is to participate!

Leave comments on blogs that you read. Reply to Tweets and Facebook posts. Answer LinkedIn questions. And occasionally, you might want to link back to a blog post or article that would be relevant to the conversation. The more you participate in social media, the more you establish yourself as a trusted expert. Eventually, that will lead to sales…just be patient.

You don’t need all the time to make profitable use of social media sites. One or two hours everyday is enough to start with. On the long run, you would find yourself dedicating more time to make good profit out of social media sites. Also, remember, we can help you setup your blog and also assist you with making more profit from social media sites. Stay connected and stay updated by becoming part of our subscribers.

Do you need help with social media sites, feel free to ask them using the comment box further below. We would be glad to assist you effectively.