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N500k+ from Promo Nigeria! A Saviour or A Waste of Time?

One of the ways Nigerians make money online from their blogs is placing pay per click and pay per impression ads on their blog. One of such ads is Google AdSense. The things is, most Nigerian bloggers gets banned by Google from AdSense for some reasons known to Google AdSense. Due to this, many Nigerians look for other Google AdSense alternatives so as to make money from their blogs. This is where Promo Nigeria comes into play.

Please note: Promo Nigeria is now known as OpenAdNation


What is Promo Nigeria?

Recently, bloggers on BloggersLab who are also publishers with Promo Nigeria have been talking about the amount of money they are already making by placing the Promo Nigeria ads on their blogs. Promo Nigeria provides an opportunity to place Nigerian adverts on your blog as a publisher. Advertisers with Promo Nigeria gets their ads to show on your blog and you get paid by clicks or impressions. This is built for small and medium scale entreprises.

As a publisher, you get paid N10 per Click on all Promo Nigeria ads that shows on your blog. Your earnings will be calculated and Promo Nigeria pays directly to your bank account at the end of every month after you exceed the minimum payout of N3,000. Earning below the minimum payout threshold (N3,000) will be rolled over to the new month. Also, you have control over the type of ads that an appear on your pages.

Some bloggers are already generating lots of revenue from Promo Nigeria. One of such is someone who has generated over N500, 000. There is another blogger who claims to have made over N4 million. Others have made more than N50, 000. These made me to ask is Promo Nigeria is truly the saviour most Nigerian bloggers are looking forward to or just another waste of time.

promo nigeria


How To Get Started on Promo Nigeria

To get started, you need to sign up for a free member account on Promo Nigeria. After which you need to login to your account, click on “My Ad Channels” and then “New Ad Unit”. Create the ad unit you want and choose the colour settings you want. Copy the ad unit/slot code generated and insert it into your blog. You can place it wherever you want tit to be on your blog.

Is Promo Nigeria a saviour for making money with your blog or just another waste of time? Promo Nigeria claims to be Nigeria’s No #1 Digital Advertising Platform For Small & Medium Scale Entreprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. Are they they capable? I’ll love to read your responses. And don’t forget to sign up with Promo Nigeria now. It’s free to signup.



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