Q&A: How Can we be Making Money on the Internet from Audio Music?

I sent out an update in which I asked my blog’s readers and visitors about what they would like to learn about making money online? Most of the questions have been answered via the posts I’ve already written on this blog. Here is one of the questions I have not written about. If you have things you want to learn about making money online, please send in yours too.

Here is the question I received…

I am interested in making money online but my most interesting part is, my brother is a musician and has a track while preparing for his group video soonest that every Nigerian is waiting for. My question is how can we be making money from this audio on internet, by people clicking on it? by downloading it for free can we make money? – Victor

Here are my answers…

There are so many ways to making money on the internet with your music. The good thing about the internet is that it gives you access to reach millions of people easily across the world compared to doing this offline. Also, it is cheaper to get your music across via the internet. What you should know is that, though it might cost you a little less to get your music across to people via the internet, you will need a lot of time, consistency, perseverance online to really make so much money on the internet with your audio music.

Here are things you need to do!

1. Get your personal website/blog.

You really need this. Check out all the popular musicians in Nigeria, they have their own personal website or blog. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to start with this. I can help you setup your own. You can setup a free blog but if you are really serious about making money from your music online, you need a professional looking website.

2. Setup your Facebook page and Twitter profile.
You should create an artist page on Facebook. Use good pictures, share the page with your friends, buy Facebook likes by placing adverts on Facebook and then tell your friends to like your page. Do the same thing on Twitter. Create a profile, relate with people effectively.

3. Create a Youtube account, make your Music Videos and put them on Youtube.

Don’t stop with just your audio, you need need make your music videos too. Put the videos on Youtube and share it on your website/blog, Facebook page and Twitter for more exposure. The more people that watch your music video, the more fans you will have.

4. Advertise Yourself and your Music.
You can’t do everything alone on the internet. You need people to promote you and your music. You should look out for top and well visited music and entertainment blogs in Nigeria, contact the owners and ask them to write about you and your music. You might get this free but consider paying for the advert they’ll do for you.

5. Sell your music online on several music sites.
Find our good online music sites and create your artist profile for free. After which you can start uploading your audio and your music video on your profile. Here is a list of the music sites I found out. Go to the sites and make sure you read through them to know how they work.

CD Baby

A lot of music lovers go to the above sites to listen to musics, purchase musics and download musics. If you put yours on on the sites, you have more chance of selling your music downloads.

If you have more questions about making money on the internet from audio music, please use the comment box provided further below to ask your questions. I’ll be replying them with answers.