Download QuickTeller Mobile App for BlackBerry and Android Phones

QuickTeller launched their mobile app in order for you to have Quickteller delivered to you through your mobile device. It currently includes the Blackberry and Android applications as well as SMS and IVR. iOS, Windows Phone 8, Java and USSD options coming shortly. With QuickTeller mobile app, you can pay your bills, purchase airtime and much more. In addition to these, you can pay your Cable TV bill, purchase airtime, fund your mobile money wallet, check your mobile banking account balance and generate SafeToken for secure online transactions on WebPAY


Frequently Asked Question About QuickTeller Mobile App

Do I need an ATM card to use Quickteller
Yes. A debit or prepaid card domiciled in a Nigerian bank is required. However, the preferred card which works virtually all the time is the Verve Card. Though the bank has to enable it first.

Can I use my mobile money accounts on Quickteller?
No, Quickteller is not Mobile Money. However you can fund your mobile money wallets on Quickteller

Can I use Quickteller mobile without activating my card?
Yes, you can use Quickteller without activating your card. However, you’d need to choose the “Pay at Quickteller” option to complete your payments using WebPAY. This option opens a browser within your phone to complete the transaction

Are there any transaction limits and if so what are they?
Yes there are transaction limits. The transactions limits you have set on an activated card depend on the mode of activation, if you have activated on the ATM the transaction limits are; bill payment: 250,000, transfer to account 1,000,000, recharge 8000. NOTE THOUGH: That your bank may set more stringent or different limits. However if you activated on the mobile application the transaction limits are: bill payment: 0, transfer to account 0, (you will not be able to perform a payment or do a transfer), recharge 200.

I see “No account found” when I am prompted to choose how to complete a transaction
This means you do not have cards activated on Quickteller. You can activate on the mobile application either on the application or at any QuickTeller enabled ATM. On the app by selecting Activate card on the menu and providing the details requested. This will give you limited access to the QuickTeller service. For complete access you will need to activate your card via the ATM. In the event that you have activated a card and you still cant see it, just choose “refresh data” from your standard phone menu

Why should I activate my card on Quickteller Mobile App?
Activating your card on Quickteller mobile provides the advantage of providing very minimal details of your card in order to fulfill a transaction thus provide more convenience. You can activate on the Quickteller mobile application or at the ATM. Activation at the ATM lets you enjoy less stringent transaction limits

To download the QuickTeller mobile app for your mobile device, please click on BalckBerry App world button below for Blackberry device and click on the Google Play button below Android device to donwload the app for your own mobile device.


Please note, the requirements for BlackBerry are – Compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0 higher. BIS, WiFi, Edge, or 3G connection required. The requirements for Android are – Requires Android 2.1 and higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required.

If you have any question, please use the comment box provided further below to ask and you will get a response from me. Please note, this post was published as it was found on QuickTeller Mobile app website. Kindly, share this post around with your friends and families.


Originally posted 2013-08-10 18:32:53.