How My Real Estate Blog Surge Organic Traffic From Google

Driving organic traffic isn’t as hard as some people think it is. In fact, I consider it the easiest and simplest thing anyone can do. Real estate is a big emerging market and it’s getting increasingly diversified and competitive these days. Right from time, I have had a deep passion for real estate and even if I were start off from scratch; I think I’d consider blogging in the real estate niche.

If you’re struggling to drive targeted traffic to your blog, then this will be the most important content you’ll read. I’ll be sharing some SEO tactics, and strategies I used to grow my real estate blog.

Here are 3 simple SEO strategies to begin with:

1. It Begins With the Understanding.

Yes. For your blog to surge free traffic from Google, you need to understand your niche. What kind of people are you building the blog for? Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing Consultants, Realtors? Name it! You’ve got to find out the specific people you’re building the blog for.

There was a time when I had challenges of ranking my web pages on the first page of Google; at first, I thought I was going about it the right way, but didn’t realize I was messing the whole thing up. Let me point out this truth: It’s not enough to know the problems or challenges people face; you’ve got to understand and find out what got them into the problem at the first place. You’ve got to proffer solution to those challenges.

Pro tip: Prospects don’t want to know the pain they’re going through, they’re after the solution. Give them the solution—that’s what blogging is all about.

2. Write Profit Pulling Content

The only way to resurrect a dead blog or turn a dying blog into a money making machine is creating quality contents. I surged a lot of organic traffic from Google because, my content was well written and planned. I had my reader’s goal in mind. Usually, before I write anything, I study my readers to know the kind of problems they’re seeking solution for.

By doing this, you’d gather helpful information to help create better and more informative contents. The best way to go about creating quality contents that get ranked in Google within 2 weeks is by planning a keyword strategy. The best keyword tool or strategy isn’t Google keyword tool or any SEO tool, No. An effective keyword strategy can only be discovered when you take time to study and understand your readers.

Are you a real estate blogger, social media consultant or Word press expert? Then make listening the ultimate thing to do in your business. Don’t listen casually, listen with your mind; feel the pain and desperation in your prospects mind…

3. Build quality links

I can’t stress this enough. Most of my external links are from related real estate and investing blogs. Here’s what I mean: The page rank of a blog doesn’t matter, what matters to Google is the relevancy. If you’re starting out in the blogging world, you don’t have to struggle to build quality backlinks from Problogger, Huffingtonpost, or Copyblogger, you can start from niche based blogs.

Begin with small blogs of PR 2 to 4. Contact the blog editors or owners and propose to write for them. Don’t be scared of getting a ‘No’. The fact is, some are going to reject you but don’t allow that discourage you. Don’t give up or give in. If you’re rejected, take up your mantle and move to the next blog.

Pro tip: Do you know that if you publish ten quality guest posts in real estate or investing blogs in 7 days or less, you can easily rank on the first page of Google for your desired keyword in 90 days?

But you cannot achieve this if you use primary key phrases. You can only get results from your guest posts if you use keyword variations. Here’s what I mean: if my main keyword is, ”real estate Dallas,” and I’m linking from realestate dot com which is a top real estate blog; I’d use ‘Dallas real estate investing’ as my primary anchor text and link back to the same page or article on my blog.

Take-away tip: That’s how to get quality results from your guest blogging campaign. I’ve got to end this now. I’m sure you learned some things from this content. And please, note that my success didn’t came overnight, I had to work hard, invest a lot of time and efforts into creating quality contents.

I didn’t give up–you shouldn’t. Don’t give up–don’t give in; keep working hard and Google will send you more traffic than you handle.
Were you inspired by this post? Kindly share your thoughts and views on this. I’d be waiting to reply your comments.

This is a guest post by Daniel. He is a writer at VIP realty. A real estate blog that provides investment counsel and tips to home buyers. If you’re thinking of living in Houston, then check out Houston TX real estate.

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