How to Make Real Money Online 2

In continuation of the real ways to make money online, you should read the first part of this before reading through this. In this second part, you will find five more ways through which you can make real money online. We believe that this will help you start making money online.


6. Donations

We have probably all seen the little button that says “donate” in someones sidebar. It is an easy and perhaps out-of-date way to try and earn some revenue. Many programmers use this still, but very little revenue is earned through the donation feature. For example have you ever donated? But still it is simple and if you don’t mind the button then go ahead and try e.g. Paypal Donation


7. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most lucrative process for earning money online. You simply use your blog to recommend useful and relevant products or services to your readers. The best examples are seen by the many bloggers linking to different themes, ebooks and other products. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you are only marketing the product and not selling it. Just make sure the product is relevant and not overused. Examples of affiliate marketing resources are ClickBank, Commission Junction, Azoogle Ads or Link Share.


8. Text Link Ads

As your blog builds reputa­tion and traffic your posts/pages become great places for links. Many people will even pay you to put their link on your website or page. While it has earning potential, be careful of this form of revenue as it may be detrimental to your blog in Google’s algorithm. So study it out before you make your decision e.g. Text-Link-Ads or Text-Link-Brokers


9. Feed Ads

An easy way to increase the advertisement on your blog is by adding them to your rss feeds. The simplest way is to get Feedburner and set it up for your blog. Once you have done that then click on the monetize tab and Google Adsense will be added to your feeds in almost one-click e.g Feed­burner, BidVertiser or Pheedo


10. Paid Surveys and Polls

It is just what it says it is. You fill out surveys and polls or place them on your blog for others to fill out and earn money. In doing this option be careful to find survey or poll companies that have credible backgrounds. Examples of survey or polls are VizuAn­swers, Survey Monkey


Stay subscribed to this blog as we reveal more ways to make real money online. Are you using any of these five methods already? We will be glad to know more examples under the five methods already stated.

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