How to Make Real Money Online As An Undergraduate

Are you worried about your finances? There are ways to earn while you learn without boycotting school. You will find some options in this post. It is not bad if you can start making at least N 5, 000 every week from the internet. That make N 20, 000 in a month. This is just the least. I believe that would help you a great deal. It will also provide you an opportunity to learn more and do more regarding making money from the internet. If you keep at it, you would find that before you graduate, you would have had so many success stories which you can build on later.

Please note, what you will find here are just introductions. The truth is, you can’t learn everything in one post or one day. If you got that covered, ok then… so let’s get started… These are few ways to make real money online as an undergraduate in Nigeria.


Start an Online Business

How do you do it?


At this point, you need to set yourself ready to start doing what you have read above. All these will be like film trick if you don’t act upon them. Success is an ACTION movie and not a documentary. You want to succeed online, act more on what you read from real people like me. I’m willing to help when you need help.


  • david

    I appreciate this article… are great!, am new to blogging still looking for a way to drive traffic to my blog.
    All the same this was nice thanks.

  • Pkumar

    Hi, I am form India, not sure if you would be able to help me, but I am a post Grad in Business administration, been working for
    american call centers here in India. But now I am looking for a career change , planing to get into writing, blogging, but I have never written anything or so, I first need to find a source , an avenue which would help me earn my bread, butter, also help me build a portfolio for long term career in writing, blogging, online business;I am confused , how to do that, any ideas, suggestions, guidance.

    Thanks in advance.

  • niyi

    i have read your blog pls can u send me some website of companies that i can work for online.

    • Adesoji Adegbulu

      What type of job are you looking for?

      • Pkumar

        well, I am looking for any fresher, content writing, forum posting kind of jobs.