9 Ways to Receive Card Payments Online in Nigeria

Receiving payments in Nigeria for the products and services you offer on your website/blog or shopping cart has been a kind of pain. You will expect your client to make payment into your bank account, then send you his/her payment details and then you go ahead and deliver the products/service your client paid for. Now, you achieve this easily by making clients pay directly on your website/blog or shopping and you then deliver your product/service to them.


Here are the 9 ways to receive card payments online in Nigeria. These are the few available payment processors you can use on your website to receive card payments in Nigeria. I hope many more with good services will be started sooner

1. Interswitch

2. Etranzact

3. UnifiedPayments (formerly ValueCard)

4. GTPay is owned by GTBank.

5. GlobalPay is built by Zenith Bank

6. VoguePay

7. SimplePay

8. Eyowo

9. CashEnvoy

Please note, I didn’t add a short introduction about them. I also didn’t add their setup fees. I did this because you will need to check out their sites, read through what they have to offer, their pricing and all the information you will need to know so that you can choose the one you’ll like to incorporate with your site.

I’ll be writing more about each one so I can provide more information to you based on my experience or your experience with them.

If you are using any of the above, I’ll be looking forward to read your opinions about the online payment method you use. Also, if there are others you know that I didn’t list in this post, you can notify me about them so I can update the list.

Also, Interswitch, UnifiedPayments and Etranzact are the major processors. The other are all subscribers of the major payment processors.

I hope this was helpful to you?


  • prosper

    am still learning, I hope am going to be a champion some

  • https://www.bushdoctorsblog.com Emmanuel

    Talking about card payments online, is it only here in Nigeria or do they receive money on your behalf for international payments?

    • https://www.adesojiadegbulu.com Adesoji

      Presently, they are only for receiving card payments in Nigeria.