How to Receive Western Union transfers on your Mobile Phone or Online

With VTN’s VCASH, you can now receive Western Union transfers from friends and family around the world without going to the bank! Relax from the comfort of your home, your workplace or almost anywhere and direct the funds into your VCASH account.

Get Western Union on Your Mobile Phone

Who can use this VCASH-Western Union service?

Any person registered for VCASH in Nigeria who has also been seen and verified by a VCASH Agent can enjoy this new service. Regulatory requirements mandate a one-time face-to-face verification to be able to accept a Western Union.

There is no cost. Instead of visiting a banking hall EVERY TIME you get a Western Union, you can visit a VCASH agent ONE TIME, and thereafter enjoy the convenience of having your funds available 24/7.

What are the benefits of directing your Western Union funds into your VCASH account?

There are several big benefits! For those who wish to deposit the funds into their bank account, VCASH saves valuable time as there is no need to visit a bank branch; VCASH is connected to every commercial bank in Nigeria.

If you have accounts at different banks and want to split the funds, no problem. It doesn’t matter if you have accounts at 2, 3 or even 10 banks! You can direct YOUR MONEY to wherever you desire.

VCASH account holders may send any portion of their funds to others, pay bills or top-up their mobile phones. They may also withdraw some or all of the Western Union funds as cash at a VCASH agent, which may be more convenient than a bank branch.

VCASH offers more options for collecting cash and offers, for the first time, options to keep and use funds in digital form. This is in support of our government’s Cashless initiative.

To get started, you should register/create an account with VTN’s VCASH. It’s very easy to register. After which you would have access to all the useful tools VCASH users have access to. You will also see the list of agents in your city or state.

What does the VCASH user pay if they elect to direct their Western Union money transfer into their VCASH account?

There is NO CHARGE for receiving your Western Union funds. All normal VCASH charges apply thereafter. Details are here

VCASH is the product name of VTNETWORK LIMITED, a licensed Mobile Money Operator in Nigeria. VTNetwork Limited Main Office – 11, Okunola Abass Street, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo-State, Nigeria

Go ahead and get started with this. This is one of the things mobile money will do for you. For more information about this, you can ask using the comment box provided below or you can read through my previous posts on VTN.

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Originally posted 2013-02-28 08:18:48.