FAQs About Recharge Card Printing Business

Ever since I wrote about the recharge card printing and how to make money from the business, I’ve been asked a lot of questions by those who wants to get involved in the business. I try my best to answer their questions and also provide more information about the recharge card printing business. In this post, you will find the frequently asked questions by people who wanted to start the business. You will not only see the questions, you will get the answers to the questions.

To start with, the recharge card printing business in Nigeria is still accessible to everyone. Anyone can still participate in the business without fear of having a license to operate in the business. The major dealers have their license obtained from the telecommunication companies, while individuals only need to get the rights to printing vouchers. This is done by registering under one of the authentic major dealers and indicating your interest in buying recharge PINS (epins) from them.

So, here are the questions and answers…
1. What Do I Need to Start the Recharge Voucher Printing Business?

The basic things you need to start printing recharge vouchers in Nigeria are:

i. A Computer (Not necessarily connected to Internet and not necessarily yours)
ii. A Printer (Coloured or black & white)
iii. Software that will be used in printing pin numbers on papers
iv. Bulk epin (this, you will be buying from some major dealers)
v. Access to Internet, either at a cafe or personal Internet (this is needed once in a while because whenever you pay for PINS, the major dealers will be send them to you through email, IRRESPECTIVE of which part of Nigeria you are).

2. How Much Do I Need to Start the Recharge Voucher Printing Business?

This entirely depends on the scale at which you want to operate the business. If you are looking at starting with a small scale, you would need between N25,000 and N 40, 000 to start this business. The N25,000 and N 40, 000 would be used to get the basic things you need to start the business. These things are listed above.

3. What are the Pros and Cons of this Recharge voucher printing business?

Just like every other business, the recharge card business has it’s own pros and cons. The major pro is that you will be making money everyday while the major con is that you need to know how to sell/market/advertise. You an generate thousands of recharge vouchers in a day but your success depends on how many of them you can sell. Your ability to sell, market or advertise your vouchers is very important.

4. How Profitable is the recharge voucher printing business?

This business is very profitable for those who know how to sell/market/advertise. For example, let say you get N 100 MTN voucher at the rate of N 95 from major dealers, if you sell an average of 30 vouchers daily, you would be making N 150 per day. In a month, you would have made N 4, 500 on just the N100 MTN vouchers alone. If you sell N100, N200, N500, N750, N1000 and N1500 for MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT at the same rate, this means, you would be pocketing N 4, 500 X 24 = N 108, 000 every month.

5. How Do I Know the Authentic Dealers of ePINS?

If you do not know the authentic dealers you can buy recharge PINS from, I have a N 1,000 ePINS Dealers info package. This dealers info package contains the names and contact details of the authentic ePINS dealers nationwide. You would be able to know them, know their office location etc so that you can register under them as well as know how much they sell ePINS. To get this ePINS dealers info package, simply send us a mail using the form on https://www.makemoneyonlineng.com/contact-us

Please make sure you state your full name, email address, your full location, your phone number(s), your occupation and the title or the name of what you want. Please, be rest assured that your information is safe with us. We just need your information to know who our customers/clients are…

6. How Do I Get the Universal Recharge Voucher Software?

Before you get started in the recharge voucher printing business, it is a MUST that you have the right software. Most softwares been sold by the major dealers can do it. This you would get between N 5,000 – N 10, 000 from them before they can install such software on your PC. Anyway, you can get the software from me at a lot cheaper price.

7. How Do I Brand the Recharge Vouchers I Print with My Business Name?

If you buy the N100 recharge vouchers regularly, you would have been seeing different business names on the vouchers. You too can have your own business name branded on the recharge vouchers when you print the vouchers by yourself.

To Get Started with this, do the following;

1. Launch your recharge card printing software and log in.
2. Click on File ==> Set Up ==> “Company Name & Address” as seen in the picture below:
Business Name on Recharge vouchers

A new window will open up. This is where you can enter your Business Name and Address as seen in the picture below:

Business Name on Recharge vouchers

Enter your Business Name and Address, then click OK.
If you load your Pins and print out the vouchers, you will see the business name and address on the vouchers.

Who Can I Sell the Vouchers/Card too?

You can sell the vouchers/card you have printed to the following people.
Call Centres
GSM Vendors
…and many more

I hope this helps a great deal?

Now, you need to take the appropriate steps to start the recharge voucher printing business today. Take the right action today. Get the dealers info package and universal recharge software using the steps above and get started with recharge voucher printing business.


Originally posted 2012-02-22 16:00:58.

  • Hammed

    You make the recharge card biz look so good, why it is not. If you buy from a main dealer at say N95, you will buy printing paper, buy ink, fuel your generator if you happen to live in areas in Nigeria where PHCN are not trying and you still want to sell as a bulk distributor. Please where is the gain you are talking about. Let call a spade a spade, it is better to buy from bulk distributor or main dealer than trying to print yours


    • https://www.makemoneyonlineng.com Adesoji Adegbulu

      Nice One Sanusi,

      This business is not for someone who just want to buy/sell less than 100 vouchers. Little drops they say makes an ocean. If you buy/sell more vouchers, you will make more profits.

      A beginner can start by buying from main dealers and after getting a foothold in the business, he/she can that start printing his/hers.

      I hope you understand this?