How to Report Blog Content Scrapers to Google

Now you can easily report blog content scrapers to Google. Content scrapers are those bloggers who only copy posts from other blogs and paste it on their own blogs without adequately quoting the source. These content scrapers’ URL most times outranks the original source of content in Google search. You can now report such URLs to Google using the new Scraper report form.

The form content scraper form does not perform a spam report or notice of copyright infringement. For now, Google wants to use this to test and improve their search algorithm involving blog content scrappers’ sites.

Here is a Tweet by Matt Cuts; head of the webspam team at Google.

Stop-ScrapersTo fill the content scraper form, you will need original source URL, the content scraper’s URL, the search results page where it is being outranked, and a confirmation. You can fill the Google Scraper form any time you find any of your content being outranked by a scraper site.

In case you need to report spam contents or you want to report copyright infringements, there are forms to do that. Use Spam report tool to report spams. Use copyright tool to report copyright complaints.


Originally posted 2014-03-01 16:39:44.


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